AquaShield, Inc

AquaShield, Inc

AquaShield Inc. manufactures underground infiltration and Rainwater Harvesting Systems used worldwide to protect sensitive receiving waters from the harmful effects of stormwater.The AquaShield approach to offering `Integrated Product Solutions` serves to consistently meet high water quality design standards that are now expected throughout today`s stormwater community. All these technologies can be used as standalone Best Management Practices (BMPs), or can be implemented in a number of treatment train configurations to overcome unique and challenging stormwater designs. Additionally, the Aqua-Shield line of integrated products can be specified to directly contribute or help contribute to gaining credit points in association with the U.S. Green Building Council`s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

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2733 Kanasita Dr, Suite 111 , Chattanooga , Tennessee 37343 USA
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Globally (various continents)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

At AquaShield, Inc., we are a team of engineers, curious and solution-minded, innovating good clean water. Daily, we tackle stormwater problems and design solutions for engineers.

To meet the growing need for filtration and pollutant removal from stormwater runoff, we design and manufacture integrated product solutions that exceed the water quality standards expected in today’s rapidly evolving stormwater community.

We do what other's can't:
  • Custom & retrofit applications
  • Small footprint options
  • Lightweight and durable modular units
  • Easy installation, inspection & maintenance
  • Proven performance and functionality
  • Compatibility with Low Impact Development designs
  • LEED credit options
  • Dedication to personalized service; our top priority is your timeline
  • Products made in the USA and Canada
AquaShield manufactures four products to meet challenges associated with post-construction stormwater runoff, rainwater harvesting and construction site discharges.

We also partner to provide green infrastructure products associated with permeable pavers, underground infiltration and underground storage using modular polyethylene structures. 

We have representatives across the United States and in Puerto Rico, Canada, Central and South America, South Korea, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Our stormwater products include the:

  • Aqua-Swirl™ Stormwater Treatment System 
  • Aqua-Filter™ Stormwater Filtration System
  • Aqua-Guardian™ Catch Basin Insert
  • AquaShield™ Bio-Filter™ Stormwater Biofiltration System

To be the vanguard for providing technology that gives higher quality usable water to every country and community that needs it.