Aquasystems International NV

Aquasystems International NV

Aquasystems International NV specialise in the design, supply and installation of a comprehensive range of aeration, mixing and decanting equipment. The group is managed by a professional management team with many years of experience in the environmental industry, with Marketing and Sales, Production, Engineering and R&D and in Administration and Finance. The Engineering and R&D team is continuously working on the further extension of the AQUA TURBO® product line to support the groups strategy of becoming a major world player in aeration, mixing and decanting for water and waste water. Furthermore a floating cover has been designed for the surface aerator. Besides our Belgian headquarters, US subsidiary, Turkish participation and 1 European office in UK, our Sales organisation is supported by a large number of distributors and agents in many countries in the world.

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Brusselsesteenweg, 508 , Halle , 1500 Belgium


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Water Aeration and Mixing
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Globally (various continents)

The AQUA TURBO® showed a higher quality design so that it became the only direct drive surface aerator in the world offered in sizes up to 200 kW (270 HP) where the former generation aerators stops at 75 kW (100 HP) with sporadic 110 kW (150 HP) upon request. It also showed minimum 10 up to 30 % higher efficiency compared to the prior art propeller / diffusion head designs.

These advantages result in much lower operating costs for waste water treatment plants as well in energy consumption as in maintenance and repair costs.

It became wellknown that the AQUA TURBO® direct drive surface aerator equals the efficiency of the low speed and brush aerators in activated sludge field conditions and even equal that of fine bubble diffused air systems in high sludge concentrations with high oxygen uptake rates.

Further developments covered by international patents followed, thanks to intensive R&D such as :

  • the downdraft mixer and the unique idea of a combined aerator/mixer with two floats. This invention finds its major application in activated sludge systems with nitrification/denitrification for nitrogen removal.
  • a prerotation system to control and optimize the mixing pattern in the basin.
  • the completely enclosed AQUA TURBO® downdraft mixer, with motor in the float.
  • improved designs for the SCREWPELLER®
  • a unique combination of surface aerator with an attached submersible mixer
  • mechanically closed AQUA DECANT™
  • Floatables Re-Entrainment Device : FRED
  • Submersible mixer

Thanks to the continuous increase in sales of the AQUA TURBO® product line, the Company decided to put all its efforts on the manufacturing and international sales of these products and to stop the construction of industrial waste water treatment plants. As a result, important engineering and contracting companies decided to include AQUA TURBO® equipment in their projects as preferred equipment.

All these actions are creating the ingredients for a long term successful business based on a substantial advance in technology compared to the competition with prior art designs.

The group AQUASYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL NV / AQUATURBO SYSTEMS INC., with its two supply sources Halle/BELGIUM and Springdale/ARKANSAS - U.S.A., is the most efficiently equipped and reliable supplier of surface aeration and mixing equipment for waste water treatment in the world today and has an ambitious program to extend the productline into bottom aeration and mixing and diffused air.