Aqueonics, Inc.

Aqueonics, Inc.

Urban growth, high land cost, strict environmental standards and the scarcity of new water souces are causing more developers, utility operators and environmental regulators to look for high-value solutions to wastewater treatment needs. Central utilities increasingly are facing growth demands but with declining funding. And long collection lines can be expensive to build and maintain.

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1754 Woodruff Road, Box 218 , Greenville , 29607-5933 South Caro USA
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Engineering service provider
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Water Consulting and Engineering
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Globally (various continents)
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  • Aqueonics, Inc. is a full-service water and wastewater consulting, design, and engineering and construction company.
  • We provide turnkey facilities from consulting through permitting, construction, training of operators and operational support.
  • Each facility is custom-engineered for the unique requirements of the site.
  • Aqueonics was spun off as a private company from ARCO Environmental, Inc., a subsidiary of the Atlantic Richfield Petroleum Corp in 1979.
  • The company began with a patented process to provide a natural, cost-effective solution to water and wastewater treatment and water conservation.
  • Aqueonics now has facilities in 10 states, some having been in operation for more than 25 years.
  • We provide many types of wastewater treatment systems, but our flagship system is a multi-stage, aerobic/anaerobic-anoxic fixed film, trickling filtration process.
  • Aqueonics relocated to Greenville, South Carolina in 2003 and maintains its design, construction, and sales offices throughout the U.S.A

To provide the highest quality and best value product to our clients, provide a safe and productive work environment for our employees and above all to bring honor and glory to God in our business ethics.

In 1970, Aqueonics, Inc. was established in Santa Clara, California to develop water reclamation technology that would meet federal and state standards for potable and non-potable reuse of sanitary wastewater.  A unique primary, secondary, and tertiary wastewater treatment process was developed to provide a very high quality effluent for advance requirements of regulatory agencies.

In 1978, the Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) purchased the primary, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment technology conceived by Aqueonics, Inc.  The acquisition included the treatment processes necessary for non-potable reuse application.  The non-potable treatment process was then further developed and made available from the Aqueonics Division of ARCO Environmental, Inc., which was headquartered in Dublin, California.  A process patent was issued to ARCO protecting the proprietary rights to this treatment technology.  United States Patent no. 4,279,753 was issued to ARCO Environmental Company, Los Angles, California.

Today, independently-owned Aqueonics, Inc. is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina with design, contruction and sales offices located throughout the U.S.A offering the treatment technology conceived by Aqueonics, Inc. and further developed by the Aqueonics Division of ARCO Environmental, Inc. and Aqueonics, Inc. for non-potable reuse applications.  On March 31, 1992, Aqueonics Corporation acquired an assignment from ARCO of all of the proprietary rights to the treatment process technology described in the patent which was subsequently acquired by Aqueonics, Inc.  The current Aqueonics system includes this patent process with subsequent refinements and improvements made over a twenty-five year period along with various types of wastewater treatment systems.

Features of the Aqueonics process include multi-stage aerobic trickling filtration followed by additional tertiary processes as required by specific application.  The multi-stage process has been adapted to strictly conform to the State of California Health and Safety Code, Title 22, wastewater reclamation criteria for nonrestricted use of effluent for landscape irrigation.  In addition, the process has been refined to incorporate complete process component redundancy as stipulated in the California Title 22 design guidelines.  Aqueonics designs incorporate consistency with Ten State Standards, and comply with, and have been approved in many different states where systems have been placed in service, including California, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Washington and West Virginia.

The resources and technical talent of Aqueonics, Inc. together offer public and private clients state-of-the-art wastewater treatment and water reuse systems for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and governmental development projects worldwide.

To seek out the precise needs of clients and execute a plan to meet those needs with a superior product that is carefully designed for flexibility, efficiency, construction, and operation.  Aqueonics prides itself in regard to its business ethics.  That simply defined means that we will provide you with the service, and a finished product that we would want to live with ourselves.  Health and Safety is at the forefront of thought and design, to create a product that will provide an efficient and safe work environment for the operator.  Aesthetics and environmental acumen is also included as of topmost importance in giving back to the community, and to the environment a product that will ensure the perpetual beauty and protection of our fragile ecology.