Aquobex Ltd.

Aquobex Ltd.

Aquobex design and engineer world-class flood resilience solutions. Our research-led approach is based on a deep understanding of how our built environment is developing in a rapidly changing climate. With a combined experience spanning over 50 years in the industry, we pioneer new approaches to flood management solutions from property level resilience to strategic city planning. We are recognised by the Government and the insurance industry and relied upon by organisations across the globe.

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Unit 4, Genesis Building, Library Avenue, Harwell Science Park , Didcot , Oxfordshire OX11 0SG United Kingdom
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US


The Coronavirus is reshaping our lives and possibly sets out how we are going to have to adjust to a new world order of social distancing and interactiing with our planet.

Now imagine the global floods and wildfires of 2019 at the same time as we are all locked down in a pandemic and not allowed to gather in large groups.

As a population we are going to have to become more self-resilient; paying more attention to impending weather events and preparing our home and communities to protect ourselves with less relience on first responders and more on volunteers.

This is where technologies such as I-REACT (multi-hazard early warning system), mobile flood barriers (Rapidam, AquaBurg, AquaFragma) and Property Level Protection (Floodguards and FloodRECOVER) come to the fore.

I-REACT uses the power of social media (e.g. Twitter) to enable local groups to interact, warn, respond and look out for their community together. Planning where mobile flood barriers can be installed (rather than sandbags) can help the community stay safe.

Integrations with fire and earthquake Apps enables I-REACT users to respond to other natural hazards as well, before they become a disaster.

Are you ready to defend and protect your home, business and community?

Aquobex is here to help in that journey

Our constantly changing environment is presenting challenges to how we live. Flooding is happening more regularly and with more intensity, often with little warning. Aquobex is focused on how we should plan for and manage these devastating events.  

Aquobex protects some of the biggest organisations in the world against flood risk. Leading the industry with expert research, specialist consultancy and proven products, we deliver flood resilience strategies that work in harmony with the environment and technologies that suit the human aspects.

Innovation We create and develop sustainable strategies to reduce the impacts of flood risk on our ever-expanding cities, historic settlements and open areas. Our independent approach means using smart thinking to explore new ways to plan our cities; integrating appropriate design strategies at all scales. We protect people and properties through knowledge.

Smart Thinking Our priority is to work with nature, not against it. Thinking strategically, we monitor drought and flood cycles to see how they can be managed in city planning. We study catchment areas, beaver dams and the way trees work to develop technologies that make space for water and allow for natural floodplain management.

With an impressive track record of protecting people, homes and assets, knowledge underpins everything we do. Any business, infrastructure, home or community nationally or internationally can benefit from our services.

Partnering It’s important we grow our network with world-class businesses and products that maintain our values of shaping the future of flood protection and resilience. Our aim is to push the boundaries with forward-thinking and expertise from partners that enable our clients to be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.

Research With our facility based at BRE, Watford, testing is at the forefront of our business. We examine how substrates react to water, pressure and temperature to form guidelines and improve building regulations for resilient materials. Setting the standard for the industry, we instigate projects such as the Aquobex Flood Resilient Property and are active participants in the UK’s Property Flood Resilience Action Plan.