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  • Commercial Flood Product

    A range of flood protection products for businesses. These include flood barriers, flood doors and flood gates with temporary, permanent or passive operation.

  • Aquobex Floodguard - Floodguard Screw-In Barriers

    Aquobex Floodguard - Floodguard Screw-In Barriers

    Following the success of the Floodguards barrier and with feedback from our customers Aquobex felt there was a need for a re-designed flood barrier product to address a number of needs. Removal of the back frame for heritage and listed buildings. Ability to install a flood barrier with a ground seal for zero threshold entrances. Provide a flood barrier that is suitable for window protection on listed buildings.

  • Aquobex Floodguard - Steel Flood Proof Doors

    Aquobex Floodguard - Steel Flood Proof Doors

    A new standard in steel flood proof doors. The Floodguard Steel Door is available in single or double configuration, inward or outward opening. The steel flood door can be used in all commercial applications for door openings and it can also be used as a fire exit door using discrete and low profile panic hardware. There is no fixed centre post so the full width of the double door opening can be used for access. This door has been tested to both 600mm...

  • Aquobex Floodguard - Floodguard Heritage Door

    Aquobex Floodguard - Floodguard Heritage Door

    The level-threshold Floodguard Heritage Door from Aquobex is the first on the market to offer a completely level threshold. Versions exist in the market with minimal thresholds but this door sets new standards in flood protection, style and ease of use. The first version of the door will address requirements to protect the UK’s Grade II listed properties which sets particular challenges for our in-house engineering team. Current flood doors have...

  • Aquobex Floodguard - Floodguard Clip-In Barrier

    Aquobex Floodguard - Floodguard Clip-In Barrier

    Floodguard Clip-in Barriers were the first protective flood door barrier to enter the market and achieve Kitemark accreditation in the year 2003, having since been installed across the UK, USA, France and Netherlands. This demountable flood barrier provides the same protection as a permanent barrier, but has the distinct advantage of being fully removable when not required.

  • Aquobex Floodguard - UPVC Door Use in Flood Protection

    Aquobex Floodguard - UPVC Door Use in Flood Protection

    A new generation in flood protection products, Floodguard uPVC Door features an innovative, patented design with ISIS Technology. Requiring no human intervention other than closing and locking, the flood door blends into its surroundings with an aesthetically pleasing structure uncommonly found in flood defence products. ISIS Technology ensures the flood door acts as a barrier up to a predetermined height, and then allows floodwater to enter the...

  • Aquobex Floodguards - Meter Box Cover

    Aquobex Floodguards - Meter Box Cover

    When asked to provide flood protection to a number of properties in Cumbria in 2016, Aquobex discovered the cable exit points for all the electric meter boxes were broken out and created a large ingress for water straight into the cavity wall void. Using the in-house GRP manufacturing facility we have at our new premises our technicians made new moulds and manufactured these new flood barriers from scratch.

  • Aquobex - Pivot Barrier for Flash Flooding and Spill Defence

    Aquobex - Pivot Barrier for Flash Flooding and Spill Defence

    Specifically designed for flash flooding and spill defence, the pivot flood barrier is permanently positioned in areas where these events might occur with a need to be alleviated immediately. An effective solution for low-level flooding or chemical spills inside factories, even difficult areas such as lift shafts can be protected, with installation available internally or externally in commercial properties, hospitals, hotels and more.

  • Aquobex - Drop Down Flood Barrier

    Aquobex - Drop Down Flood Barrier

    Suitable for large-width vehicular entrances, the flood barrier is lowered into position for the duration of a flood, being retracted and hidden above the entrance when not required. A reasonable height clearance is a requirement for both internal and external mounting. The drop-down flood defence uses direct-drive electric motors to firmly lock the barrier into place, with a dead-stop breaking system for extra safety. Further flood protection...

  • Aquobex - Swing Flood Gate

    Aquobex - Swing Flood Gate

    For use in perimeter walls, the swing gate can be fixed permanently in place in preparation for flooding, simply locking into position when required. The floodgate is also available semi-permanently installed, depending on the individual needs of the flood risk to the property.

  • Aquobex - Aluminium Slot-In Flood Barrier

    Aquobex - Aluminium Slot-In Flood Barrier

    There are numerous ‘stop-log’ type flood barriers available around the world, all based on a simple principle of slotting in aluminium beans into a side U-channel. Many do not have the strength to span typical width requirements without the use of a centre posts; some require centre posts at intervals as small as 1m which means that deployment time can render this type of solution as unsuitable. Aquobex offers slot-in beams which can span...

  • Aquobex - Glass Flood Protection Barriers

    Aquobex - Glass Flood Protection Barriers

    Our glass flood barriers utilise a combination of specially designed, high-strength structural glass and engineered frames designed to withstand the static and impact of the specific location. A structural anchoring system is specifically designed to be watertight with impact resisting, sealing technology. Engineered glass flood barriers are 
the ultimate in unobtrusive, permanent flood defence solutions and can be used in most situations where...

  • Accredit - Roller Shutter Door Flood Defences

    Accredit - Roller Shutter Door Flood Defences

    The Roller Shutter is a flood defence product for doors and entrances, with patented autosensing and automatic operation against flooding. The highly effective flood protection is active 24 hours a day, and operates automatically when a water level sensor detects that it is being attacked by flood water. For use on a variety of building types, infrastructure and areas of the community, this flood control product provides a highly durable solution.

  • Aquobex - Spring Dam

    Aquobex - Spring Dam

    Spring Dam is the result of ongoing innovation and flood control development since the year 2008. An in-situ flood defence system deployed by manual rotation, the unit retracts back into the ground when dormant, forming part of the path, roadway or equivalent. The flood barrier can be used as a single unit at an opening or a series of units forming a continuous wall.

  • Aquaburg - Resistant and Resilient Flood Products

    Aquaburg - Resistant and Resilient Flood Products

    A Germany product that we discovered which has which is similar in principle to our own Rapidam product but with different attributes and benefits, that fits into our product range. This barrier needs to be pre-installed into a purpose built trough with in-built water management to protect the barrier’s fabric. Cost effective, easy to install and always on site ready for deployment.

  • FloodBreak - Passive Flood Protection Barrier

    FloodBreak - Passive Flood Protection Barrier

    FloodBreak is a passive flood barrier for the protection of building entrances, driveway ramps, and other vulnerable paths. A revolutionary product in flood defence, the passive flood barrier uses the power of rising floodwater against itself to automatically deploy. Without the need for human intervention or power, the flood defence offers the highest levels of safety and reliability. An effective solution to the common problem of power failure...

  • Aquobex - Internal Tanking

    Aquobex - Internal Tanking

    If your home or business requires an internal tanking solution, the best (and cheapest) time to do it is when you are reinstating your property from a flood or building in a known flood plain. It’s a meticulous process and ideally all internal fixtures and fittings need to be removed from inside the property. This includes fitted kitchens and even your stairs as the tanking solution needs to form a continuous seal around all the internal walls...

  • Aquobex - External Tanking

    Aquobex - External Tanking

    External tanking is the coating of a waterproof membrane to the outside of a property for protection against flood risk and water damage. Consideration should be taken where solutions are needed for construction, ground water levels, ground drainage, soil type and ground contamination. The many flood control systems for external tanking include sheet membranes, pre-applied membranes, liquid systems, spray-applied elastomeric systems and cementitious...

  • Technitherm - Closed Cell Insulation

    Technitherm - Closed Cell Insulation

    Technitherm is the only cavity wall insulation to pass the BRE Flood Resilience Test. Flood waters can penetrate unprotected cavity walls and cause major damage to the inner leaf, cavity wall ties, standard (fibre, polystyrene bead), cavity wall insulation materials, plaster, electrical appliances, furnishings and decorations.

  • Wall Waterproofing

    Wall Waterproofing

    Wall waterproofing is a common approach for flood risk, with such coatings as NanoShell Stone. Based on UV and high pH-resistant silicon nanoparticles, the colourless, water-repellent coating of nanoShell Stone can be applied to masonry, natural and composite stone. Lasting up to 25 years before re-application, the flood control coating maintains the original colour and texture of stone while preventing water and frost damage, mould, salts and more...

  • REDI Non-Return Valve

    REDI Non-Return Valve

    Mains sewage backflow prevention valve. Dual flaps for added security. Fits in-line with sewage pipe in new manhole. Automatic operation with manual lock if required.

  • Push-Fit Non-Return Valve

    Push-Fit Non-Return Valve

    Mains sewage backflow prevention valve. Fits into existing manhole. DIY solution. Single flap valve can be manually locked shut.

  • Duckbill Non-Return Valve

    Duckbill Non-Return Valve

    Mains sewage backflow prevention valve. Fits in-line with sewage pipe but new manhole not required.

  • Appliance Non-Return Valve

    Appliance Non-Return Valve

    Backflow protection for washing machines and dishwashers. Fitted internally (preferable) or externally. Must be installed horizontally.

  • Aquobex - Combined Flusher with Non-Return Valves

    Aquobex - Combined Flusher with Non-Return Valves

    The combined flusher with a non-return valve (NRV), fronts a new and innovative design utilising a simple flood defence system that keeps sewers clean from blockages and the build up of FOG (fats, oils and greases). With the addition of a non-return mechanism, the valve self-cleans and removes blockages usually associated with regular NRVs.

  • Aquobex - Flood Resilient Kitchens

    Aquobex - Flood Resilient Kitchens

    Aquobex is partnering with the best-in-class flood proof kitchen providers in Europe to bring a choice of solutions to the market. To simplify the design and offer the maximum choice to the consumer the initial products will just provide flood proof carcasses. These will withstand all flood depths and flows and will not require replacement; just cleaning and (natural) drying. The consumer is then able to choose any style of doors and drawers for the...

  • Dragonboard - Manganese Oxide (MO2) Boards

    Dragonboard - Manganese Oxide (MO2) Boards

    Dragonboard can be used for all internal and external walls, floors and ceilings. It can also be used for the likes of staircases, window frames, tables and balustrades. The manganese Oxide (MO2) boards are a direct replacement for plaster boards and are suitable for most building construction situations. They are granite based so absorb very little water and they dry out in a matter of days. By using these boards instead of gypsum plaster or plaster...

  • Floodbreak - Vent Protector System

    Floodbreak - Vent Protector System

    The FloodBreak Vent Protector provides permanent, passive flood protection with minimal airflow disruption for vulnerable fan plants, vents and window openings, above and below ground. The passive flood barrier system is a series of buoyant louvered panels enclosed within an aluminum box and shelf structure providing protection to the designed flood elevation. As the floodwater rises, the panels “float” into position, lifted by the water....

  • Aquobex Floodguard - Enclosures

    Aquobex Floodguard - Enclosures

    Protecting a large site using conventional flood defences may be costly and impractical, so protecting individual assets may be the answer. This is by comparison much lower cost, and can be delivered without displacing large volumes of floodwater and all of the requisite planning and analysis.

  • Aquobex Floodguard - Vent Cover

    Aquobex Floodguard - Vent Cover

    Floodguard Vent Covers provide the easy way to protect a vent or airbrick whilst providing the peace of mind of knowing that each vent has been securely sealed.

  • Aquobex Floodguard - Curtain Wall

    Aquobex Floodguard - Curtain Wall

    Building beautiful buildings in the flood-zone is finally possible. No longer do demountable flood barriers have to be added on and potentially compromise the aesthetic or operation of a building. Enginereed for specific flood protection heights and seamlessly integrated into non-flood curtain walling above. Built-in, passive and aesthetically-pleasing flood protection. The new Floodguard Curtain Wall system is also the most cost-effective solution...