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  • Mobile Flood Products

    Perfect for emergency response or for use in high risk flood areas, our range of mobile flood barriers and ancillary equipment provides protection quickly where and when you need it.

  • Aquobex - Rapidam Tube

    Aquobex - Rapidam Tube

    Rapidam Tube is a temporary and recyclable flood defence that can protect a group of properties from flood risk. Easy to use, with an anti-rolling patented design and ergonomically designed handles, the dam is manufactured from high tensile PVC-coated polyester. Classified as water filled tube according to DEFRA classification of temporary flood barriers.

  • ReadyAquawell - Mobile Flood Products

    ReadyAquawell - Mobile Flood Products

    Aquobex first came across Aquacast when we met its inventor (Zak), from the Isle of Man at a trade show in London. Following many interesting conversations we discovered the product had many uses for flood protection as well as embankment strengthening but our key interest was how it could be used as a “foundationless flood wall”. In this application we felt that it had many advantages for riverside flood protection and also to protect...

  • Aquafragma - Portable Automatic Flood Barrier

    Aquafragma - Portable Automatic Flood Barrier

    Aquafragma is a portable automatic flood barrier with robust, durable modules that are quickly and easily assembled producing a hump-like foundation across the road. The flood barrier modules are positioned horizontally whilst deadweight modules secure them in place also providing smooth slopes up and down the hump. Traffic can safely pass over the hump until flood level is about to exceed the hump crest. The gate turns upright automatically just in...

  • Aquobex - Rapidam Rigid

    Aquobex - Rapidam Rigid

    Rapidam Rigid is completely removable barrier for use in floods up to 1100mm high. The barrier is easily deployed by two men and deployment is rapid. Classified as a rigid frame barrier according to Environment Agency (UK) classification of temporary flood barriers. The suggested method of deployment is to erect the trestles and insert the bottom beam along the entire length of the protection area. This ensures you have an easily installed flood...

  • Aquobex - Model Rapidam Flexi - Portable Flood Barrier

    Aquobex - Model Rapidam Flexi - Portable Flood Barrier

    Rapidam Flexi as a portable flood barrier is the ultimate emergency product where time is of the essence and limited manpower is a challenge. Its single-component, flexible membrane construction uses the flood water itself to provide friction and seal pressure with the ground. It is the ideal solution for the protection of critical infrastructure such as railways and highways. Classified as a free- standing barrier with flexible membrane according to...