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  • Complete Consultation

    Our approach is underpinned by means of analysis, planning, management, maintenance and the primary awareness of financial factors. We provide flood protection tailored to your market sector, working alongside government bodies, defence organisations, major utility companies, housing organisations and more importantly, insurance and financial groups.

  • Tailored Flood Solutions

    Tailored Flood Solutions

    Aquobex specialises in designing tailored flood solutions with a primary focus on resilience based on a ‘get life back to normal as quickly as possible’ logic. Our research-led approach and meticulous testing regimes lead us to only specify best-in-class products designed to divert water away from the property if it can be, and products that help get you back in your property with minimum disruption if it can’t....

  • Flood Risk Assessment and Management Services

    Flood Risk Assessment and Management Services

    If you require flood risk assessment for your property or manage a large portfolio of assets, Aquobex can provide detailed flood risk assessment reports as part of your risk management strategy. Aquobex maintains a specific approach through integrated research to provide effective flood planning and management solutions. Our flood risk management service includes detailed modelled data, analysis of flood levels against the finished floor...

  • Aquobex - Consultancy Services

    Aquobex - Consultancy Services

    Aquobex supports clients on a range of flood-related planning projects including property portfolio analysis, asset-mapping, design services and architect support services.

  • Emergency Flood Response Planning Services

    Emergency Flood Response Planning Services

    Aquobex is the leading expert in flood emergency planning and response. As a key strategic partner of the i-React project we are leading the way in the development of early warning systems for flood events combining social networks, wearable technologies and big data resources.

  • Research

    Protecting people and property from the effects of flooding is often more art than science. The lack of empirical research leaves a void which is filled with prejudicial opinion, and this can lead to poor design or failed approaches.

  • Flood Protection Product Testing Services

    Flood Protection Product Testing Services

    Aquobex operates the premier test facility dedicated to PAS1188-1 and FM2510 testing of flood protection products. It is equipped to produce the necessary conditions for static water testing, current testing and with wave-makers suitable to deliver the JONSWAP wave formations specified in the standard. The wave-maker and software was supplied by Edinburgh Designs with independent control and monitoring of each paddle to precisely adjust for the...

  • Flood Resilience Research Services

    Flood Resilience Research Services

    With a lack of empirical data on the performance of buildings and materials in flood conditions, Aquobex has taken the steps towards building the evidence base needed to bring the industry up to a level that reflects the critical nature of flooding. By developing a test protocol for construction methods and flood protection products, Aquobex is working to establish a robust approach to specifying the most appropriate measures to be taken into account...

  • I-React Services

    I-React Services

    Aquobex has developed a global reputation for delivering significant return on investment. Our innovative products have protected millions of pounds of assets as well as saving lives and homes from the dangers of flooding. As one of 20 selected international partners, our involvement in the i-React project allows us to focus on how to proactively save lives and communities across the world. In the face of a changing climate that is seeing floods,...

  • Flood Resilient Property Services

    Flood Resilient Property Services

    How do we address the current housing crisis without putting thousands more families at risk of flooding and at risk of seeing the value of their homes fall off a cliff? How can we reduce the vulnerability of the existing stock of residential and business premises?. Currently there are huge gaps in knowledge around the performance of building materials, the design of construction details and the methods by which they are put together. This leads to...