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  • Tree Inspection Technology

  • PiCUS - Sonic Tomograph Tree Inspection Instruments

    PiCUS - Sonic Tomograph Tree Inspection Instruments

    The PiCUS Sonic Tomograph is used for tree risk assessments in order to measure the thickness of the residual wall of trees with internal defects such as cavities or decay non-invasively. Most often the PiCUS sonic tomograms are recorded near ground level of trees. However,  acoustic tomograms also reveal important safety information about the breaking risk near branch wounds and above ground cavities.

  • PiCUS TreeTronic - Electric Resistance Tomograph

    PiCUS TreeTronic - Electric Resistance Tomograph

    The electric resistance tomographPiCUS : TreeTronic is used in conjunction with the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph for tree risk assessment in order  to get detailed information about the thickness of the residual walls and type of stage of a defect such as decay. The TreeTronic tomograms show in particular the early stages of decay and support in analyzing sonic tomograms. The combined application of the PiCUS Sonic Tomograph and the Treetronic is...

  • PiCUS - Tree Motion Sensors (TMS)

    PiCUS - Tree Motion Sensors (TMS)

    The Wind-Reaction-Measurement with PiCUS TMS is used for in depth tree inspections to obtain information about a tree’s stability, defined by its root anchoring force in the ground.

  • TreeQinetic - Load Tests

    TreeQinetic - Load Tests

    The TreeQinetic system is used to carry out load tests (or pull tests) on trees for which an advanced tree risk assessment is needed. The TreeQinetic load test is measuring both the bending strength of the tree stem and the anchoring strength of the tree root system. The tree pulling test method has been developed by Günther Sinn and Lothar Wessolly in the mid 1980's.

  • TreeQinetic - Elastometer Measure Strain

    TreeQinetic - Elastometer Measure Strain

    The Elastometer measure strain (compression and tension) of the marginal fibers of the tree trunk. The latest version “Elastometer 3i“ is capable to measure both strain and inclination at the point of its installation along the trunk. Having both information the bending line and curvature of the trunk can be calculated. This supports the analysis of defects in the trunk that may occur at old grafted trees and at old pruning wounds.

  • Atmosphere Research

  • Telemetry Transmitter

    Telemetry Transmitter

    Transmitter are one of two main components of our telemetry system. At the operation of free flying measuring probes, the scientist always faces the same question: How do I get the measured data of my system? Our transmitter, together with our ground stations, form a closed data transmission system. The communication is...