Aridea Environmental Monitoring

Aridea Environmental Monitoring

Aridea Environmental Monitoring in every industry or institution that is required to monitor environmental impact. And employing Ariea Environmental Monitoring, will save money, improve data accuracy and spur innovation. Over the past decade, everything has become smart. Starting with smartphones and moving to smart homes, smart TVs and even smart refrigerators and washing machines, everything we interact with on a daily basis is becoming smart. In city councils, mayors offices and legislatures all over the world, the push for smart cities is well underway. And mega companies like Apple and Alphabet are working with Ford, General Motors, and others to bring smart cars into fruition. With this clear vision of a smart earth Aridea Environmental Monitoring was born. Using Aridea Solution’s Terraylix Platform, we connect human assets and information systems directly to on-the-ground, real-time data about things like water, air and weather.

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950 Kanawha Blvd E #100 , Charleston , WV 25301 USA
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Environmental Monitoring
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Nationally (across the country)

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Aridea Environmental Monitoring’s Mission is to deliver solutions that help drive compliance costs down, provide accurate, actionable environmental data and usher in a new era of innovation with human impact on the environment.

The founders of Aridea Solutions observed that there are ever-present compliance concerns with state and federal regulatory agencies in every industry and institution that is required to monitor environmental impact. Highly advanced Internet of Things technologies could be developed to connect natural resources to human assets and information systems. These technologies would provide real-time environmental monitoring and divert the man hours used for compliance measurement to more productive tasks. This would provide real-world savings on compliance cost, improve data accuracy and spur innovation.

With this understanding, Aridea Solutions developed the Terralytix Platform, with the goal of delivering it all over the world and bringing innovation to environmental stewardship.

At Aridea Solutions, we envision a time when everything on earth, from cities streets and cars to shut off valves and chemical storage tanks are connected via the internet. Aridea Environmental Monitoring achieves a piece of this vision by connecting environmental parameters and remote sites to humans and information systems in real-time. When all the things on earth can communicate with each other, machines and people it will drive better outcomes for industries and the environment.

This vision is accomplished through the Terralytix Platform, a suite of hardware and software products that allow operators and executives the ability to monitor and control remote and mobile assets from any internet connection. This will provide Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and usage data to business information systems such as their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.