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  • Drainage Solutions And Water Treatment

    The Armtec name is known for quality and dependability in drainage solutions and water treatment. We offer an exceptional range of products to meet a wide variety of drainage challenges. No matter what the project specifications, we are likely to have the products our customers need, when they need them. If need be, we custom build them.

  • Armtec - Collector Pans

    Armtec - Collector Pans

    Armtec collector pans are a modular system of steel pans and drains, installed on railroad tracks to catch wastes such as spilled diesel fuel, oils, greases and other pollutants. The collector pan system covers the area between and immediately outside rails. Cross drains installed at right angles to the track between the ties carry wastes and rainwater into under-drains and onto treatment and disposal facilities, including settling basins, grit...

  • Armtec - Model HDPE - Pipe (BOSS)

    Armtec - Model HDPE - Pipe (BOSS)

    Armtec is a leading HDPE pipe supplier in Canada. Our BOSS drainage, storm and sewer pipes and fittings are proven performers in municipal, industrial and forestry pipe applications. Engineered for gravity flow systems, a range of designs is available to meet standard and unique project requirements.

  • Multi-Plate - Drainage Solutions And Water Treatment

    Multi-Plate - Drainage Solutions And Water Treatment

    Multi-Plate is a versatile and economical pipe and bridge product with a proven history of performance dating back to 1932. It is a component system, made of curved, corrugated galvanized steel plates, fasteners and, where applicable, footing channels. Structures are assembled in the field using plates curved specifically for the particular shape designed.

  • Platon - Foundation Drainage And Flooring

    Platon - Foundation Drainage And Flooring

    Platon is a rugged, dimpled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane that keeps foundations and flooring dry. Platon creates an impermeable vapour barrier and air gap, allowing concrete to breathe while controlling moisture. It has been used for waterproofing foundations since the early 1990s, with no reported leaks.

  • Armtec - Model HDPE - Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

    Armtec - Model HDPE - Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

    Armtec’s precast concrete septic tanks are a key part of household and commercial septic systems. Septic systems treat sewage waste in an environmentally responsible way. Naturally occurring bacteria completely treats the waste and the water is returned to the ground via a weeping tile or chamber-based leaching bed.

  • Armtec - Precast Concrete Pipe

    Armtec - Precast Concrete Pipe

    Armtec’s precast reinforced concrete pipe, box culverts and spans are used for transmitting stormwater and sanitary (waste) water. Concrete pipe is primarily used for gravity storm and sanitary sewers, and is available with bell and spigot connections and rubber gaskets for maximum water tightness. Pipes are made in standard diameters of 250 mm to l,350 mm, with larger sizes available on special order. A full range of accessories is available...

  • Armtec - Stormwater Treatment/Detention Systems

    Armtec - Stormwater Treatment/Detention Systems

    Armtec’s stormwater treatment systems remove grit, trash, oil, heavy metals and other contaminants from surface drainage. Systems are installed in conjunction with a stormwater collection system, and are designed to meet site-specific flow, removal efficiency and target particle size requirements.

  • Armtec - Ultra Flo Steel Pipe

    Armtec - Ultra Flo Steel Pipe

    Armtec Ultra Flo is a storm sewer pipe with a unique external rib corrugation that provides a significant improvement in hydraulic performance over traditional corrugated steel pipe, reducing the Manning’s value to 0.013.

  • Armtec - Water Control Gates

    Armtec - Water Control Gates

    Armtec is an industry leader in water control gates for wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants, and irrigation and flood control projects. Thousands of customers globally can attest to the high quality of Armtec’s gate products.