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  • Engineering and Maintenance

  • Remote-Controlled Hazardous Operations Robots

    Remote-Controlled Hazardous Operations Robots

    Arrow Ecology designs, builds and operates a unique robotic machine which removes sludge and sediments from closed, complex industrial structures as cooling towers, holding pools, lagoons, tanks and water bodies. The accumulation of sludge or sediments in these facilities reduces operational efficiency and frequently contains toxic compounds. Handling these hazardous materials in structures like cooling towers or storage tanks imposes serious safety...

  • Arrow Ecology - Thermal Treatment of Hazardous Waste - Mobile Incinerators

    Arrow Ecology - Thermal Treatment of Hazardous Waste - Mobile Incinerators

    The transportable Waste Incineration System (TWIS) is designed to be transported to sites requiring soil remediation, destruction of hydrocarbon sludge and hazardous waste incineration. For example, it was set up on a barge and transported by it to the site in Alaska where the Exxon-Valdez oil tanker had run aground and released its oil cargo into the environment. The TWIS is carrying valid operational permits in the USA.

  • Mobile Liquid Waste Treatment Unit

    Mobile Liquid Waste Treatment Unit

    Description: Hanna 2 is a mobile liquid waste treatment unit. The unit is capable of performing programmed or manual treatment steps of liquid waste as acidification, reduction, chemical oxidation, coagulation/flocculation & filtration. The unit is based on a Ro-Ro platform, sized as a 20’ container. This feature facilitates ease of transportation of the unit to any site in the world. The unit is operational within 3-6 hours from arrival to...

  • Storage Tank Renovation Services

    Storage Tank Renovation Services

    Any large petrochemical and energy-producing firms have large holding tanks for heavy oils (as crude oil, fuel oil etc.). During the operation of these tanks, heavy sediments are being accumulated at the bottom of the tanks. These sediments have to be removed routinely in order to facilitate the proper operation of the holding tanks. During the cleaning period, the sediments are removed. This period is usually also used for tank repairs using welding...