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  • Basic Shapes

  • Discs


    Mott porous 316L SS discs, Series 1000. Order by Product Description: 1000-D-T-Media Grade.

  • Sheets


    Mott porous 316L SS sheet, Series 1100. Order by Product Description: 1100-W-L-T-Media Grade.

  • Cups


    Mott porous 316L SS cups, Series 1200. Order by Product Description: 1200-A-B-L-Media Grade.

  • Bushings


    Mott porous 316L SS bushings, Series 1300. Order by Product Description: 1300-A-B-L-Media Grade.

  • Seamless Tubes

    Seamless Tubes

    Mott porous 316L SS seamless tubing, Series 1400. Order by Product Description: 1400-A-B-L-Media Grade.

  • Fluoropolymer Filters

    Fluoropolymer Filters

    Mott provides the high-strength, all-metal solution to filtration requirements for utility lines inside the wafer fab, as well as flow streams at the gas pad. Unlike the Teflon-based filters used historically for these applications, Mott's Utility Line and Bulk Filters are not subject to failure caused by high temperatures and pressure spikes. Mott GasShield Bulk Gas Filters are warranteed for 15 years from the date of purchase.

  • GasShield Defender

    GasShield Defender

    All stainless steel with the strength and long life of Mott porous metal., 316L Stainless Steel Media, True 9-Log Filtration Efficiency of Particles as Small as 0.003μm; Confirmed at the Most Penetrating Particle Size of 0.08μm for flows up to 50 slpm, Operating Temperature up to 450°C (Inert Gases), Operating Pressure to 3000 PSIG (206.8 Bar) at 52°C, 316L VAR Stainless Steel Housing Construction, 10 Ra Surface Finish on Gas Wetted...