ARS Technologies Inc.

ARS Technologies Inc.

ARS Technologies Inc.

ARS is the world leader in environmental soil fracturing, injection and advanced drilling services. As a field services subcontractor, ARS focuses on applying its innovative and patented services at contaminated sites with difficult geologic conditions. With fully operational offices in New Jersey and California, ARS efficiently operates in three countries and more than forty different states and provinces. ARS offers a variety of remediation solutions at sites possessing clay, silt, fill, fractured rock, fine sands, and other difficult geologic settings where in situ treatment was not previously possible.

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98 North Ward Street , New Brunswick , New Jersey 08901 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Soil and Groundwater Consulting and Engineering
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


Our 25 years of fracturing and injection experience is unsurpassed and defines ARS Technologies, Inc. as the leading environmental fracturing and injection contractor firm in the world.

Our spectrum of services is focused around our commercial experience in developing and applying the patented Pneumatic Fracturing (PF) technology which we pioneered in 1990. Through this experience, we have acquired one of the largest databases on low permeability and heterogeneous site geology in the world.

Our experience in working at in situ sites with clay, silt, fill, fractured rock, fine sands, and man-made waste lagoons allows us to offer cost effective treatment options for our clients at sites that were previously thought not possible.


ARS was founded in 1991 with the primary mission to commercialize a new process called Pneumatic Fracturing, which was being researched at a local university. Since that time, our widespread commercial experience with Pneumatic Fracturing, Atomized Chemical Injection and Ferox™ has resulted in numerous awards and recognition both domestically and internationally as a state of the art technology in the industry.

As an innovative technology company, ARS has and currently holds exclusive and semi-exclusive technology development and research agreements with numerous public and private research organizations.

These partnerships allow us to sustain a high level of research development activities normally not associated with a company of our size. ARS’ present/past client base encompasses all major industries and consists of more than fifty Fortune 500 companies. At present, our technologies are operating in three countries and more than thirty-five different states and provinces.


The safety you expect.

  • No field-related work loss time in 25 years of operations
  • OSHA training exceeding industry requirements
  • Comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program
  • Corporate Safety Management Program
  • LSP Training, TWIC, PICS and BROWZ registered

The objective of ARS’ Corporate Health and Safety Program and Standard Operation procedures is to outline steps and guidelines which ensure that safe working conditions exist at our project sites during all field activities.

The procedures which ARS’ trained professionals perform while implementing our technologies have been established based upon analysis of the activities to be performed and the identification of the corresponding hazards. With many inherent and perceived risks associated with working with High Pressure Bulk Gas, ARS implements an on-going safety program, which exceeds all OSHA requirements. A result of this corporate philosophy and commitment is 25 years of zero field work-loss time or property damage claims made against ARS associated with our technology applications.

ARS understands the importance of observing the requirements of health and safety regulations, and is fully committed to following them. All field staff are trained in compliance with CFR 1910.120 HAZWOPER including annual medical monitoring, 8-hour refresher courses, and many other advanced training certifications.