Arsimak Aritma Sistemleri

Arsimak Aritma Sistemleri

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  • Compact Sewage Treatment

  • Ecocycle - Mobile WWTP Systems

    Ecocycle - Mobile WWTP Systems

     Ecocycle mobile wwtp systems designed as a simple solution for residential places that needs domestic wastewater treatment. Ecocycle provides easy installation and operation with high efficiency treatment process called “ Continuous system fix bed activated sludge process”. Ecocycle compact systems contains all necessary stages, such as...

  • Compact Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Compact Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Compact domestic wastewater treatment systems for 5 m3- 2000 m3/day capacity range for 25 - 10.000 person capacity equivalent. Land based compact treatment systems for permanent & temporary residences and camps.