ART Anlagenbau Reinraum Technik GmbH (ART GmbH)

ART Anlagenbau Reinraum Technik GmbH (ART GmbH)

The ART GmbH is a competent manufacturer and supplier of innovative high quality systems in the field of clean room technology. Among others our manufacturing program includes different isolator (cytostatic isolators, TPN isolators, occupational safety isolators, if required including hydrogen peroxide gassing), (laminar flow systems), closed RAB and open RABS laminar flows systems, laminar flow cabinets and systems for sampling-, weighing- and filling tasks, safety cabinets of class 2 and class 3, ABC protection isolators and glove boxes, personnel airlocks and material locks.

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Siessweg 19 , Hohenstein-Eglingen , 72531 Germany
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Manufacturing, Other
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Internationally (various countries)
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Occupational safety, product protection, environmental protectionLeave creating the right atmosphere to us

Wherever sensitive, highly potent – including toxic – substances are processed, reliable occupational, product and environmental protection are vital. Which makes the engineering and production expertise of ART GmbH crucial too. Our customized plants and equipment are the culmination of decades of experience, exceptional innovative drive, and a profound knowledge of process and mechanical engineering.

Our expertise will not only help protect the health and safety of employees, a growing concern particularly in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Machines and plants efficiently contained using our systems are also reliably protected against contamination, the atmosphere is guaranteed to comply with the required freedom from particles and product losses are prevented.

Renowned and discerning customers the world over rely on ART's effective, customized clean room and containment solutions, which are produced at our company headquarters near Stuttgart in Southwest Germany.

Smooth and efficient
Customised, investment-proof system concepts call for in-depth knowledge and comprehensive services. From consultation, development and design through to production and assembly and finally, timely delivery, our well-balanced and highly-qualified team at ART and our modern metalworking facility, which has a stake in the company, ensure that processes are quick and efficient with a smooth workflow:

What are the objectives? What are the production conditions? What level of consistency are we talking about? We clarify these and any other relevant questions with our customers during an in-depth consultation session at the start of the project. This helps us to identify the right solution, right from the start.

OEB level 5

Maximum quality for the most stringent demands
Exacting fields, such as the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, have ever increasing expectations in regard to containment. Top quality and the highest safety classes are required – and isolators from ART satisfy both of these criteria. We guarantee a class 5 OEL/OEB value, for clean work. We weld the built-in pipelines ourselves and carry out extensive tests and inspections to ensure high quality. Thanks to our meticulous documentation and certifications, our customers benefit from the high quality that ART has become known for internationally.