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  • 9500 Series Power Probes

    The PowerProbe 9500 Series combines high-powered direct-push and auger capabilities with operator-friendly engineering. While maintaining some of the same standard features of our larger PowerProbes, the 9500 Series models utilize smaller carrier options that allow for access into tighter ares with less footprint. The track-mounted 9500-VTR all-terrain model can easily gain access to on or off-road sampling points, and with a surface load of only 4.9 psi, the 9500-VTR can also position on so

  • AMS - Model 9520-D - Power Probe System

    AMS - Model 9520-D - Power Probe System

    The 9520-D (Diesel) PowerProbe runs off of a 60 hp liquid-cooled, turbo-charged diesel engine. It comes standard with a 350 ft-lb hydraulic hammer for direct push, groundwater, soil gas, and remedial injection type sampling. Like the 9520-VTR, this model can also be equipped with our 4,000 ft/lb auger motor and 3,000lb winch assembly. This model comes standard with an 80” probe stroke that will allow for the use of 5’ tooling. Contact your...

  • AMS - Model 9520-TR - PowerProbe

    AMS - Model 9520-TR - PowerProbe

    The 9520-TR comes standard with the 90 ft-lb hydraulic hammer, and the option to upgrade to other hammer models. For those situations where you need to install groundwater monitoring wells, you can add an auger drive head. With the choice of two different auger drive heads, and 2 different hammer options, you can't go wrong with the 9520-TR. Some carrier vehicle requirements may be required dependant on the options chosen.

  • AMS - Model 9520-VTR - Versatile Drill Rig PowerProbe

    AMS - Model 9520-VTR - Versatile Drill Rig PowerProbe

    The new 9520-VTR PowerProbe is a versatile drill rig that can be used in most environmental and geotechnical applications. While retaining many of the same features of our larger PowerProbes, the track-mounted 9520-VTR all-terrain model utilizes a smaller carrier and has the added benefits of more HP, improved fuel economy and emissions, positionable control panel, updated hydraulics, auxiliary output connections, and dual dozer blade verses the...