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  • Hand Tooling Accessories

    AMS hand sampling accessories will help you collect soil, soil gas, sludge and sediment, and groundwater samples using your AMS samplers. There are also a variety of accessories for cleaning or carrying your samplers, and storing samples.

  • AMS - Adapters and Couplings

    AMS - Adapters and Couplings

    Adapters add quick conversion of your current Signature Series, 5/8' threaded or Quick Connect connections. Adapters allow for various connections from Cross Handles, Slide Hammers or Drills to extension pieces and other AMS products. Easily adapt your current 5/8' threaded or Quick Connect connections to the Signature Series product line. Signature Series adapters add versatility to AMS augers.

  • AMS - Cleaning Brushes

    AMS - Cleaning Brushes

    In stainless steel and nylon. Easily maintain sampling equipment with stainless steel and nylon brushes.

  • AMS - Adjustable Foot Step

    AMS - Adjustable Foot Step

    The 7/8” AMS adjustable foot step works on all 7/8” diameter AMS soil probes and 5/8” AMS extensions. The 1” foot step is used with the 1”x36” replaceable tip soil probe. The adjustable foot step allows for additional down pressure to be used to drive the probe. The foot step can be adjusted to fit anywhere on the soil probe or extension so that deeper samples can be taken.

  • AMS - Cleaning Brushes

    AMS - Cleaning Brushes

    In stainless steel and nylon. Easily maintain sampling equipment with stainless steel and nylon brushes.

  • AMS - Cross Handles

    AMS - Cross Handles

    AMS Cross Handles are connected to AMS extensions – which are then connect to AMS augers and other samplers. AMS 18in and 22in rubber-coated handles are made of chromoly and are coated with textured rubber. The 18in rubber-coated handles are available with signature series, 3/4in threaded, 5/8in threaded, and quick connect connections. 22in models are only available with a 3/4in threaded connection, and are only intended for use with AMS 6in and...

  • AMS - End Cap Inserts

    AMS - End Cap Inserts

    Minimize loss of volatiles with stainless steel cap inserts. Designed to work in conjunction with the plastic liner caps, these stainless steel inserts are ideal for environmental soil sample collection.

  • AMS - Extensions

    AMS - Extensions

    The welded fittings by AMS craftsmen on all extensions offer maximum strength and torque resistance. Signature Series in yellow zinc coated chrome molybdenum for added rust resistance. Threaded Extensions in either chrome molybdenum or stainless steel. Quick Connect Extensions also in chrome molybdenum or stainless steel.

  • AMS - Fluoropolymer Film

    AMS - Fluoropolymer Film

    Seal or wrap samples for shipping or used to cover material on which samples will be dissected and examined. For sealing samples in liners, select the perforated roll of 4' x 4' swatches.

  • AMS - Idaho Spoon

    AMS - Idaho Spoon

    This cleanout tool is used for ejecting soil from the AMS Open-Face Auger and the AMS One-Piece Open-Face Auger.

  • AMS - Safety Liner Splitter

    AMS - Safety Liner Splitter

    The AMS Safety Liner Splitter allows you to split liners up to 13-3/4” in length. This adjustable liner splitter accepts liner diameters as small as ¾” OD all the way up to 3” OD. Each liner splitter comes with a safety utility knife with spring-loaded retractable blade and (10) extra hook blades. This device offers a safe alternative for splitting liners open lengthwise in the field.

  • AMS - Liner Caps

    AMS - Liner Caps

    Plastic End Caps. Made from polyethylene, these plastic end caps are used to cap the ends of our liners, keeping the integrity of the samples high.

  • AMS - Quick Connect Accessories

    AMS - Quick Connect Accessories

    The quick connect repair kit is used to repair quick connect connections. The finger rig is used to press the connection pin to release the connection.

  • AMS - Foot Jack

    AMS - Foot Jack

    AMS GVP Foot Jack is specifically designed to extract AMS 5/8” diameter gas vapor probe extension rods. The special open slot design on the shackle/jaws allow you to rapidly connect and disconnect from the extension strand. There is no need to thread on any type of T-jack adapter with this foot removal jack. The pair of jaws are designed to grab directly onto the GVP extension rods in order to extract your extension strand quickly &...

  • AMS - Removal Jack

    AMS - Removal Jack

    Remove your tooling easily! The AMS removal jack works much like a regular tire jack. Special adapters make it possible to retrieve tile probes, soil core samplers and other tooling that cannot easily be pulled from the soil. The jack creates a smoother pulling motion than the more typical 'beating out' retrieval method, which uses body torque and/or a slide hammer in reverse motion. The smoother pull may allow you to retain more sample integrity.

  • AMS - Replacement Bits for Hand Augers

    AMS - Replacement Bits for Hand Augers

    Save money by repairing your own regular, sand or mud auger bits. These must be welded on to your current auger. Your warranty is void after welding the first set of replacement bits on yourself. AMS is not responsible for damages caused by poor welding.

  • AMS - Rock Breaker Kit

    AMS - Rock Breaker Kit

    Used to split or chip rocks and stones found in an augered hole. The AMS rock breaker is an alloy steel sharp edged chisel designed for use with the AMS slide hammer. Used to break up obstructions in augered holes and to penetrate hard pan lenses.

  • AMS - Slide Hammers

    AMS - Slide Hammers

    A rubber coating makes it easy to grip, as well as significantly absorbing the impact shock. Pounds down for easy penetration, and then can be pounded up for tool extraction.

  • AMS - Soil Color Charts, Geo Guide and Gauges

    AMS - Soil Color Charts, Geo Guide and Gauges

    The Munsell Soil Color Chart Binder allows for color classification of soils using 250 mounted chips. The Munsell Color Chart enables color classification of soils using 250 mounted color chips. Developed with the U.S. Soil Conservation Service, this guide is the industry standard. The McCollough Geo Guide Card and Geotechnical Gauge provide easy to use geotechnical information. The Geo Guide Card and Geotechnical Gauge provide classification...

  • AMS - Soil Core Catchers

    AMS - Soil Core Catchers

    Minimize sample loss when sampling dry, loose soils and wet, unconsolidated soils. Made from thin plastic, the catcher fits into the liner with the fingers pointing upward. It is used in loose materials such as sand and unconsolidated loam soil to hold the sample in place when recovering the sampler from the borehole.

  • AMS - Soil Ejectors

    AMS - Soil Ejectors

    Two different styles to choose from. Soil ejectors help you remove samples from your probe with ease and keep your fingers clean! The old style ejectors snap inside the slot of the probe and slide up as the sample enters the probe. They are fixed ejectors and are meant to stay inside of the slot of the probe for subsequent use. (*Only available for 7/8” soil probes). The new style ejectors are available for both 7/8”, 1-1/8” and...

  • AMS - Tooling Cases

    AMS - Tooling Cases

    Tooling CasesBuilt tough to protect your valuable equipment. Convenient carrying cases designed to provide storage and easy transportation for all of your sampling equipment. Available in a variety of sizes and either a flexible poly-canvas or a rugged, hard-sided case with foam padding inside.

  • Fluoropolymer Tubing

    Fluoropolymer Tubing

    Fluoropolymer Tubing and Polythylene Tubing are used with AMS Retract-A-Tip, the AMS dedicated tip, AMS Gas Vapor Probe Kits, and vacuum pumps for collecting soil gas samples.

  • AMS - Vacuum Pumps

    AMS - Vacuum Pumps

    AMS offers Hand Vacuum Pumps and Electric Vacuum Pumps to assist in soil gas and groundwater sampling. The Hand Vacuum Pump allow for samples to be taken into suitable test containers at sites where electricity is not accessible. They have a vacuum gauge release valve and fittings. The 12-volt Electric Vacuum Pump includes a 15 foot cord.