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  • Pest Control

    AMS, Inc. offers installation equipment for bait station and monitoring stations for the pest management technician who wants the ultimate fit and finish. AMS manufactures installation equipment for the following termite eliminations systems: Dow AgroSciences' Sentricon® Colony Elimination System. Whitmire Micro-Gen's Advance™ Termite Bait System. Ensystex's Exterra™ Termite Interception and Baiting System. FMC's FirstLine Termite Defense System and more.

  • AMS - Augers

    AMS - Augers

    AMS augers come in both ‘manual’ and ‘powered’ versions. Manual augers are connected to an extension and cross handle and are turned into the ground by hand. A One-Piece Open-Face Auger is also available for installing 3' bait stations. Powered augers (also known as Flighted Augers) are connected to a gas drill and are great for drilling holes quickly and with little effort. Many tips and bits for varying soil conditions are...

  • Bait Station Install Kits

    Bait Station Install Kits

    AMS bait installation kits provide all of the components necessary for installing termite bait stations professionally and efficiently. Several kits are available. Our Hand Auger Installation Kits include everything you’ll need from start to finish if you want to install bait stations by hand. And our Powered Drill Start-Up Kits will get you started if you want to use a power drill.

  • AMS - Cross Handles - Pest

    AMS - Cross Handles - Pest

    AMS Cross Handles connect to AMS extensions and augers. They allow the user to easily twist the connected extensions and auger into the ground. Standard rubber coated cross handles offer the operator comfort during augering. The Ratcheting Cross Handle is great for those hard to reach areas. 360 degree turns are no longer necessary with this cross handle. The ratcheting action of this cross handle allows for work in formerly inaccessible areas and is...