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  • Sludge and Sediment Samplers - Silt, Sand and Bottom Dredges

    AMS offers a variety of dredges designed for sampling sand and silt as well as most types of non-cohesive material.AMS sampling dredges are placed onto the bottom sediment, then closed and pulled up to retrieve a sample. Careful release of the sample distributes the sample approximately as it appeared on the bottom – making sediment profile description possible. The sample is not suitable for most geotechnical analysis and does not provide samples suitable for high-qualit

  • AMS - Bottom Dredges

    AMS - Bottom Dredges

    Easily sample most types of bottom surfaces. Constructed from stainless steel and powder-coated carbon steel for corrosion resistance. The top of the sampling chamber is screened to allow water flow during deployment and reduce the frontal shock wave that may displace sediment as the dredge contacts the sample surface. A two-way spring-loaded mechanism activates on contact with the bottom, no messenger is needed. Sampling area is 6'' x 6''.

  • AMS - Sand and Silt Dredge

    AMS - Sand and Silt Dredge

    The AMS 5 lb. sand/silt dredge is a great tool for grab sampling sand or silt. The AMS sand silt dredge is made entirely from 300 series stainless steel. It features a hinged scissor jaw design with a trigger mechanism that holds the sampler open until it contacts the surface to be sampled. Raising the dredge closes the scissor jaws to collect the sample. All stainless steel, 5 lb. weight, 6' x 7 1/2' jaw opening.

  • AMS - Stainless Steel Ekman Dredge

    AMS - Stainless Steel Ekman Dredge

    Spring-loaded! The AMS all stainless steel Ekman dredge is spring-loaded with a messenger that travels down the rope and trips the dredge to close.