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Single Shaft Shredders

The AZR Series Shredders are low speed, single shaft industrial shredders. The AZR Shredders have cutting chambers measuring from 24”x 36” to 79” x 59”. The solid steel rotor shaft comes in 10” and 14” diameters depending on your requirements and is powered by robust 15HP to 150HP electric motors.

Two Shaft Shredders

Artech Reduction Technologies manufactures low speed, high torque, industrial, dual shaft shredders. Shredder models are available with cutting chambers from 22’ x 14” to 102” x 52” and power plants from 30 HP to 800 HP. All industrial shredders can be driven by either variable speed electric or closed loop hydraulic motors.

Four Shaft Shredders


The management of this waste stream is extremely challenging with high handling and transportation costs and the negative impact on landfills due to a high volume to weight ratio.

21 Products found
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