Article 13

Article 13

Article 13 are a specialist strategic consultancy operating in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainability, non-financial risk and governance agendas. We have extensive experience in providing advice to major companies – as well as government departments - facing the need to assess and mitigate major external and internal risks. We have particular expertise in working with industry to establish a robust evidence base and distinctive position.

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71a the Grove , London , UK W5 5LL United Kingdom
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Consulting firm
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Internationally (various countries)
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Article 13 are specialist change agents. We take plans and strategies that aren’t working - or haven’t worked – in the social, environmental and ethical arenas and make things happen to drive positive change and create new societal value for your organisation and your stakeholders.

  • Our work focuses on asking the right questions around your business objectives and supporting you and your team in identifying and addressing the issues which matter most to your business and your stakeholders (the ‘material issues’).
  • Built on our core expertise in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Stakeholder Relations, our approach enables organisations to take the next step and create robust and distinctive positions towards the issues they are facing (and will face in the future) to ensure their continued licence to operate.
  • We take a ‘deep dive’ approach, providing a continuous level of support by working alongside you (in-house and externally), to enable you and your team to achieve real lasting behaviour change.
  • We bring together unique teams drawn from our industry sector specialists, global topic experts and on-the-ground country partners - providing the right balance of experience, knowledge, creativity and innovation.


Article 13 are unique. Although we have proprietary and best practice tools, we do not have a list of products or services that we deliver. Instead, what we offer is to make things happen; to address the issues that are important to your stakeholders and that your organisation is now facing (or will in the future) and deliver the outcomes which you and your team want to achieve. We help organisations to:

  • Identify the material issues which are most important to their stakeholders and which are facing their organisation within their direct operations, wherever located, and wider supply chains (both now and in the future)
  • Assess and measure their current impact in communities and operating environments across their value chains, building a robust baseline to build upon
  • Review and appraise existing programmes and strategies to understand what is working, what is not, and what is best practice (by industry, region and globally)
  • Develop the strategies and implementation plans to address their impacts, engage their stakeholders and ensure they have a licence to operate
  • Facilitate stakeholder and community engagement to help understand current and future priorities and concerns and enable informed consent, particularly around sensitive, controversial or highly complex topics
  • Report to and communicate with their stakeholders (internally and externally) by developing strategies, evidence-based messaging and stories that go beyond common good to create new societal value
  • Scope and build behaviour change programmes that are grounded in co-production and stakeholder participation in order to achieve behaviour change within their national and organisational culture. Supporting their global and local teams to deliver an innovative, robust and distinctive position
  • Identify and then harness their people’s energy by building on internal capacities and existing structures (systems, people and processes) to make them sustainable and commercial
  • Evaluate and measure their impact to understand success and behaviour change through a range of hard and soft measures and metrics.