Articmaster Incorporated

Articmaster Incorporated

Articmaster’s range of patented energy efficiency products have been deployed at leading companies in several countries including: United States, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, Middle East, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Articmaster products are proven to significantly improve energy efficiency of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, and have delivered efficiency improvement between 20% and as much as up to 40% in air-cooled units. Moreover, these products are applicable for a wide range of air conditioning equipment. Articmaster products have been installed at in many different locations, including: Banks, data centers, large manufacturing plants, large commercial buildings, pharmaceutical companies, shopping malls, restaurants, cell phone towers, food storage facilities, homes and much more.

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3315 Highway 50 , Silver Springs , Nevada 89429 USA
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Articmaster products are suitable for most types of Air-conditioning/Refrigeration.

Articmaster’s range of products do not have any moving parts and in addition to lowering energy consumption, have amazed discerning customers at mission critical sites like high availability data centers by improving reliability of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems through sharp reduction in compressor failure rates caused by high thermal conditions or overheating. With the widening gap in energy demand and supply, reliable, cost-effective energy efficiency solutions that address installed base of air conditioning systems are expected to play an important role in solving the enormous energy challenge we face today.

Articmaster Incorporated is located in Nevada, USA with Authorized Distributors located in many countries around the world. If you are interested in learning more about the Articmaster products for your energy efficiency needs, please contact us and we will be happy to direct you to your local Authorized Distributor.