as solar international gmbh

as solar international gmbh

The political and social consensus to invest in renewable technologies is supported by AS Solar and their actions for a sustainable future. Since 2004, our team of over 150 staff have helped strengthen the solar market, both nationally and internationally, through great creativity, flexibility and dedication.The Sun is the world’s primary source of energy and it is both versatile and inexhaustible. This highly versatile nature means that the global energy requirements could be fully covered by renewable technologies in the very near future.

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Stallstätte 1 , Petershagen , 32469 Germany
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

Through dedication and experience, we offer a competent service for all partners in the solar energy industry. The AS Solar team feels a moral obligation to all areas of society, whether it is in the private or public sector.

Our goal is to enable the idea of solar energy as a reality throughout the global world, thus contributing to an economically and ecologically secure energy supply. With AS Solar, the sun will not be lost on the horizon.

AS Solar understands accountability and demonstrative need: rather than building an entirely new headquarters, AS Solar chose to renovate a pre-existing ruin into an energy plus standard building – the result is a worldwide unique energy plus industrial building that produces more energy than it needs. It is from here that associates distribute our ultra-modern, state-of-the-art photovoltaic, solar thermal and pellet systems to experienced professionals. Our enthusiastic team aims to combine brand quality, technical know-how and outstanding service to maximise the benefits of our customers’ renewable energy systems for years to come.

Out of responsibility for mankind and environment we support 100 % renewable energies.

We are a strong, committed team in which every individual is important.

Reliable, fair and competent we are globally successful with our partners.

In Hannover, the future of energy-saving in large buildings has started. At the 31st of May 2011, the wholesale distributor for solar technology and pellet systems, AS Solar, introduced its new headquarter. This building produces more energy than it actually consumes. For the first time, an industrial sector has been redeveloped with the latest accomplishments of the energy technology. The result is a worldwide unique, plus-energy-building which is used as office, production facility and warehouse.

This success is the result of the energetic renovation of the building shell to passive house standard, the implementation of a heating system, which is adjusted to the load conditions, the integration of a ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery and the installation of photovoltaic and solar thermal plants. And also the CO2 balance is outstanding. The building shows the energetic saving potentials for a building, which is equipped with a coordinated selection and reasonable combination of passive measures and active, technical components.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, an industrial ruin at the Nenndorfer Chaussee has developed into a solar model project.

The building had been used for the production of televisions from Telefunken up to the beginning of the eighties. Afterwards, it had been the headquarter of an industrial-scale print shop, had partly been used by freight forwarders until 2000 and was then vacant. Vandalism caused many damages.

AS Solar does not consider new buildings, but energy saving and resource conservation through professional renovation of old buildings, as biggest challenge for economic and energy policy. “Here we have, with an investment of 7,5 Mio. Euro, created a worldwide individual and unique plus-energy-building, that can be used as office, production facility and warehouse and which is, with a total size of 12.500 square meters, one of the biggest projects of its kind as well as an energetic lead project”, explains the managing director of AS Solar, Gerd Pommerien.

The thermal heat and air-conditioning is entirely done by solar energy and biomass. The produced solar energy significantly exceeds the own demand and hence will be feed into the grid. Thereby, up to 80 households can benefit. Furthermore, the company plans a solar filling station with 76 parking spots directly in front of its headquarter.

Because of the model character of the project, AS Solar was funded with 100.000 Euro by the European Fund for regional Development (EFRD). On the ground floor of the building, two seminar rooms, one supply kitchen, a bistro and in the northern part, a “technology showroom” have been established. On the mezzanine floor, office rooms as well as toilets, showers and social rooms were integrated.