Asa Metal Export Limited Co.

Asa Metal Export Limited Co.

Founded to minimize the damage wastes inflict on people and the world, ASA METAL serves to gather and sort electronic wastes (e-waste) in an environment friendly method and to; export sorted material for recycling, sell such material to recycling licensed companies in domestic area and send hazardous wastes to disposal facilities since 2007. Starting electronic board scrap trade with a warehouse established abroad, ASA METAL continues its operations in Istanbul since 2009 to support the recycling consciousness developing recently in Turkey on its 1000 m2 indoors storage facility. In 2009, apart from export license, our company received intermediary storage license on Gathering, Sorting and Classification of Electrical and Electronic wastes given by Ministry of Environment and Forestry and is also one of the ministerial licensed expert companies on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

Company details

Defterdar Mah. Otakcilar cad. No: 62 Eyup , Istanbul , Turkey

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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Expanding the scope of its license in 2010, ASA METAL serves in recycling of 5 main branches and over 50 product groups:

  • Informatics and telecommunication equipment scrap
  • Consumer equipments scrap
  • Electrical and electronic devices scrap
  • Toy, entertainment and sports equipment scrap
  • Vending machines scrap

We also utilize scrap metal from industry and service sectors in addition to e waste. We are also exporting integrated circuit scraps from Middle East and Africa to Europe since 2007.  Exporting 200 tons of integrated circuit in Turkey in the last 2 years, our company consolidates its strength and expertise with 250 tons of export in the foreign markets.

ASA METAL, the most competent company of integrated circuit card scraps field in Turkey, supports its respect for the environment with its rigorous and comprehensive recycling operations as well as its social responsibility projects.

ASA METAL directly exports the integrated circuits (electronic cards) it has acquired through tenders or purchases, to foreign markets.

It first tries to bring, the electrical or electronic devices supervised and found by technical service to be operational, back into the economy through second hand markets over the internet. Thus it avoids creating more waste.

E-waste is destroyed and sorted by expert staff, in line with the procedures of the waste regulations of Ministry of Environment. All integrated circuits are exported while remaining categories (metal, plastic, cables) are sold to licensed recycling companies to be used in domestic markets.

Another category brought out by destruction of e-waste is the hazardous materials including batteries, accumulators, CRT monitors and oil filled cables. ASA METAL undertakes to report such materials it stores separately to the Ministry in accordance with regulations and to send them to disposal facilities in a controlled manner.

Our company has the license to buy and collect a variety of different recyclable electronic equipment including:

  • Information and telecommunication equipment (computers, replication equipment, cell phones),
  • Consumer equipment (radio receivers, videotape recorders, sound enhancers),
  • Electrical and electronic devices (equipment used for the metal and/or wood processing),
  • Toys, entertainment and sports equipment (sporting equipment, eletronic toy, token-operated machines),
  • Automatic vending machines.

We pride ourselves in accurately and efficiently collecting, sorting, grading, dismantling and recycling products.

With the acceleration of competition and consumption, expected life of electronic devices continuously declines. Toxic materials and heavy metals emerging from abandoning incrementally increasing number of e-wastes to the environment without control or sorting these with primitive methods creates a serious threat to environment and human health.

Focusing its operations around minimizing the damage of e-wastes to environment and human health, ASA METAL attaches importance to projects that create sensitivity and awareness about preserving natural resources and recycling.

'Electronic Waste Collection' project, conducted by ASA METAL, together with Kadir Has University, is an important step in raising the awareness of students. Thus, recycling is added to the education activities around Balat, which is within the restructuring works of the Municipality. Within the scope of the project both collection and recycling of the e-wastes around the University and Balat is encouraged and also an awareness on conscious use of natural resources is raised.