Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE)

Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE)

Asociación Empresarial Eólica (AEE)

The Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) is the voice of the wind sector in Spain. It promotes the use of wind energy in Spain, Europe and worldwide. It represents and defends the interests of the sector. With over 200 member companies, it represents 95% of the sector in Spain which includes promoters, wind generator and component manufacturers, national and regional associations, organizations connected with the sector, consultants, lawyers and financial entities, among others.

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Calle Sor Ángela de la Cruz, nº 2. planta 14 D , Madrid , 28020 Spain


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Professional association
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Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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AEE coordinates research into the areas surrounding wind energy and provides services to its members, meeting their different needs. It contributes to the formulation of the normative framework with a view to the sector developing under the best possible conditions. It disseminates the reality of wind energy and endeavours to raise awareness in society. It sets in motion high-level events at which it brings together prominent national and international personalities. It publishes reports and studies which are a reference.

Moreover, AEE exercises the secretariat of REOLTEC (Technological Platform for the Wind Sector), it coordinates with ICEX the presence of Spanish companies at fairs and congresses abroad and is a member of international associations such as EWEA.

Our Vision

Wind energy is vital for energy Independence in Spain, the development of the economy and environmental sustainability.

Our mission

To promote the growth of wind energy by defending its interests, doing research, communication and education.

Wind energy is the most mature and developed renewable energy. It generates electricity by way of the strength of the wind using the kinetic energy produced by air currents. It is a clean, inexhaustible source of energy which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and preserve the environment.

Wind energy has been used since antiquity to move sail-powered boats or drive windmill machinery by moving their blades. Since the early 20th century energy has been produced by way of wind generators. Wind energy moves a propeller and, by way of a mechanical system, it turns the rotor of a generator which produces electrical energy.

Wind generators are usually grouped into facilities called wind farms with a view to achieving a better use of the energy which reduces their environmental impact. The machines have a working life of twenty years.

Wind energy as a strategic commitment for Spain

  • Spain is an energy island which is highly dependent on the exterior (81% of the primary energy consumed is imported and derives from fossil fuels) and it needs more security as regards the supply of energy
  • Wind energy is a native source of energy which already generates 16% of the electricity
  • It avoids imports of fossil fuels (which are a serious burden on the Spanish balance of trade and make economic reactivation difficult) for over a billion Euros
  • Spain needs to change the production model, incentivate investments in R&D and promote strong, competitive companies; the wind sector is a model as it involves companies which are world leaders and with strong SME’s throughout the supply chain
  • The wind sector is key to comply with the European energy consumption objectives using renewable sources in 2020
  • All the big countries around us are committing to wind energy

Wind energy as a source of wealth and employment

  • The wind energy sector employs over 30,000 people in Spain
  • It is the engine of the rural communities in which it is located (job creation, purchases from local suppliers, demand for services)
  • Spain is the fourth country in the world in terms of wind energy patents: it invests over 150 million Euros per year in R&D
  • Wind energy increasingly contributes to GDP (over 3 billion Euros) and to exports (over 2 billion Euros)

Wind energy as a source of cheap energy

  • Wind energy remuneration in Spain is one of the lowest in the European Union
  • Wind energy is the most competitive technology included under the special regime (which does not only include renewables, but also cogeneration): it is the one which is closest to being profitable without incentives
  • It lowers electricity prices by dislodging more expensive combustion technologies on the market
  • Wind energy costs every average Spanish home 1.3 Euros a month and saves each industrial consumer 160,000 Euros on average per year

Wind energy as the energy of the future

  • Pumping and the electric vehicle will be conducive to greater and better use of wind energy
  • Offshore wind energy allows the wind which comes from the sea to be used
  • Medium power wind energy and the mini wind farms are already a reality
  • Repowering involves a better use of space, allows better use to be made of good sites, maintains the high technological level of wind farms and reduces the environmental impact

Wind energy as a guarantee of environmental sustainability

  • Wind energy does not contaminate, is inexhaustible and slows down the exhausting of fossil fuels, helping to prevent climate change
  • It is a leading technology at avoiding CO2 emissions
  • It is the renewable energy which contributes most to Spain’s commitments to cut CO2
  • Every kWh produced with wind energy has 21 times less environmental impact than that produced by oil, 10 times less than that of nuclear energy and 5 times less than gas

Wind energy as a success story in Spain

  • Historically, Spain has been regulated in stable fashion with predictable, sufficient remuneration
  • It has wind resources and has made an effort to improve electric infrastructures
  • It is one of the first countries in the world to integrate wind energy into the grid
  • Its companies are world leaders in the wind sector
  • Leadership is transferred to the whole manufacturing chain
  • The sector has a build strong industrial and R&D network which allows exports
  • The development of the wind energy industry in Spain is quoted as an example worldwide