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  • QwikLite - Model 200 Series - Biosensor System

    QwikLite - Model 200 Series - Biosensor System

    The QwikLite 200 Biosensor System is used for testing of contaminants and performing toxicity assessments. Employing the latest in optics, electronics and software computing, the QwikLite® 200 Biosensor System combines several components into a small laboratory instrument. The optical, mechanical and electronic measurement system, weigh approximately 10 lbs. QwikLite 200 Biosensor System uses patented and proven technology to measure...

  • QwikLite - Accessory Kit

    QwikLite - Accessory Kit

    Items in the QwikLite Accessory Kit are necessary for conducting tests with the QwikLite Biosensor Systems. The accessory kit serves as a useful accompaniment to the test and allows for fast and reliable testing.

  • Ballast Water Channel Compliance Support System

    Ballast Water Channel Compliance Support System

    Below is a 20 second clip of one of the many lesson plans that is unlocked with a subscription to The Ballast Water Channel. Based on our experience with shipboard water quality testing and use in ballast water treatment system development; Assure Controls understands that crews will be in unfamiliar territory, and that personnel changes on vessels are common. Starting with industry-based, crew-oriented, shipboard operational questions, we...