Astim A.S. has been established and organized to build complete industrial plants and to manufacture various mechanical equipment such as, stainless steel and mild steel tanks and process equipment, pressure vessels, columns, steel construction works and wastewater treatment equipment with its more than 25 years experience.

Company details

Dilovasi O.S.B 4.Kisim , Ceyhan Cad. No: 10, Tavşanlı Köyü , Gebze - Kocaeli , 41400 Turkey
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Astim is established and organized to design and manufacture mechanical equipment and machinery for water, wastewater and power plants, package type water and wastewater treatment plants, atmospheric and pressure process tanks, special steel productions for industrial plants and equipment needed for odor and gas purification plants.

Established in 1980, Astim operates in the heart of industrial region of Turkey, Kocaeli – Dilovası Industrial Organized Region with 6.000 m² indoor and 8.000 m² outdoor manufacturing facility located close to Istanbul, surrounded with highways and harbors. Our facility is equipped with suitable machinery and tools for fabricating steel works up to 5.000 tons/year. Together with 70 colleagues consisting of experienced engineers, qualified technicians and certified welders, we develop system solutions, design & manufacture products and manage projects.

With vast experience in designing and manufacturing according to the international norms and standards such as; DIN-EN, AD 2000 Merkblatt HP-0, ASME, API650, EN ISO 3834-2, we have completed many international projects under control of well-known inspection companies such as TÜV, GL, BV and SGS.

What We Do

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Sludge Treatment
  • Flue Gas & Odor Treatment
  • Water Intake for Power Plants
  • Process Equipment, Vessels and Steel Structures

Leading product standards in the field of environmental technologies on global scale by engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities.

Developing better quality, more efficient, longer lasting and more economical product solutions by carrying out R&D studies with high standard engineering and design resources. To be the guarantor of the functional life span of the products produced by providing the best quality production and after sales services belonging to these solutions.



  • Whatever the reason, we do not sacrifice quality in every input, process and output.
  • Individually and institutionally our greatest dependence is high quality standards.
  • When developing solutions, we pay attention to be above quality standards, strong and economical.


  • We act with integrity in all activities and strictly follow and enforce professional ethics.
  • We contribute to both the national and global economy with our high-quality engineering solutions and the long-lasting equipment.
  • With the awareness of conducting business in the global world, we show flexibility in thought and practice, we work with our strength to meet all needs under all conditions.
  • We develop quality products and solutions that will enhance our customers' reputation, provide them with added value in every sense and act as solution partner at every step.
  • We plan the integrity of the whole while analyzing the details.
  • When we do business, we develop solutions even in the process, we work diligently to improve the project of our customers.
  • We keep our reaction time to a minimum on encountered problems.


  • Both work and social experiences of all our employees are important to us. We support them in every way and we are proud of their success.
  • We work as a family and cooperate to achieve the best.
  • We constantly add information to our knowledge, remembering that corporate development is rooted in human resources.
  • We value labor, we work with family values within our company with long-term business relationships we build with our employees.


  • We constantly research and strive to go beyond global standards.
  • We follow the sector and the literature closely to develop effective solutions, we evaluate every opportunity for R & D studies.
  • We continuously improve our processes, designs and products by carefully evaluating the experiences we gained.

Quality, Environment and OHS Policy
ASTİM A.Ş., in line with its vision, ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction by producing high-quality and reliable products that will meet the demands and expectations of our customers by using up-to-date technologies and adapting to the quality requirements required by continuously changing world conditions.

In order to ensure the continuity of the company and to take the lead in international competition conditions, our basic foundations in the production of our products in the most cost-effective way are our management system with our leading, experienced and qualified employees.

In this context we are committed to;

  • Ensuring that our products comply with customer demands, national and international standards, legal regulations, compliance obligations and other applicable requirements,
  • Transmitting our Quality, Environment and OHS policy to all our personnel, ensuring that they are understood by everyone and work in accordance with the policy,
  • Protecting the environment and natural resources by preventing pollution, while maintaining our activities with the awareness that the most important heritage we will leave to future generations will be the environment,
  • Preventing occupational accidents and occupational diseases by ensuring the participation of our employees and their representatives and taking their opinions, in order to keep occupational health and safety at the forefront and to prevent risks,
  • Continuous improvement by improving process performance by complying with the requirements of Quality, Environment and OHS management systems.


ASTIM Company is producing quality equipment with its highly experienced staff consisting of 25 engineers and technicians and 80 certificated welders, montage auxiliary workmen that all are appreciated by our foreign and local customers.

ASTIM is equipped with suitable machinery and tools and is capable of fabricating steel works 5000 tons/year in its establishment that has 6000m² covered and 8000m² open-air manufacturing and storage area.

Our Capabilities Cover

  • Package or Skid mounted Water and Wastewater
  • Treatment Units
  • Scrubbers for Flue Gas Purification
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Tanks, Silos, Gas Holders
  • Pressurized Vessels, Heat Exchangers
  • Stainless Steel Tank and Equipment for Food Industry
  • For Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants:
  • Screening Equipment
  • Screening Handling Systems
  • Grit & Grease Scraper Bridges
  • Grit Separators
  • Oil Skimming Devices
  • Vertical Shaft Surface Aerators
  • Mammoth Rotors (Horizontal Surface Aerators)
  • Peripheral or Central Driven Scraping Systems
  • Thickeners
  • Settler Units for Anaerobic Reactors (Biogas Utilization)
  • Lamella Type Settling Units
  • Mixers & Flocculators
  • Polymer Preparation Units
  • Filter Presses
  • Belt Filter Presses
  • Water Flow Control Devices

Equipments of ASTIM are manufactured according to European norms such as; DIN, AD 2000- Merkblatt, EN-3834-2, ASME for pressure vessels, GOST-R for Russian countries etc. Also our organization and quality management system has been certified by TÜV NORD according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

All products are manufactured according to ASTIM A.Ş. Quality System procedures. ASTIM A.Ş. is certified for manufacturer according to EN ISO 3834 -2. Our quality management and organization system has been certificated by TÜV NORD according to Management System as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ensures that the entire production process, starting from the processing of the order to the technical service after delivery, is carried out in a controlled manner that guarantees the quality standard of the product. Equipments are manufactured under conformity with related EU mechanical and electrical directives and CE marked and also they are provided with GOST-R Certificate, renewed periodically in order to be exported to Russia and CIS countries.