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  • Aeration Technology - Aeration Systems

    Jet aeration and fine bubble aeration systems are also in Astim design and manufacturing capability.

  • ASTIM - Jet Nozzle Aeration

    ASTIM - Jet Nozzle Aeration

    The technology of jet aeration and jet mixing involves combining two fluids streams in a common mixing chamber. Astim jet nozzle aerator is designed to mix the water and the pressurized air. The efficient mixture is obtained while flowing through the special designed outlet nozzles.

  • ASTIM - Diffused Aeration Systems

    ASTIM - Diffused Aeration Systems

    Astim also manufactures necessary pipe lines for fine bubble aeration systems with diffusers. With diffused aeration, compressed air is released through the holes in brances. The rising bubbles from the diffusers transfer the oxygen to the water and by means of this bottom water has been carried to the surface. The submerged brances can be manufactured as fixed type or with lifting system for easy maintenance.