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  • Aeration Technology - Surface Aerators

    Some common types of mechanical surface aeration equipment include low speed mechanical aerators and brush type surface aerators.

  • ASTIM - Vertical Shaft Turbine Aerators

    ASTIM - Vertical Shaft Turbine Aerators

    Astim surface turbine aerator is one of the most efficient mechanical surface aerators. As the aerator rotates, the air is drawn into the liquid behind the blades and mixes with the wastewater in the region of the greatest turbulence. This kind of aerator consists of electrical motor, gear reducer, rigid copling, impeller shaft and turbine type impeller. The impeller is designed considering the power, speed, diameter and shearing forces, which will...

  • ASTIM - Horizontal Brush Aerators

    ASTIM - Horizontal Brush Aerators

    Brush aerators are cost effective solutions for the oxidation ditches and carrousel systems, for which nitrification and denitrification is carried out in the same tank volume without any additional tank and pumping. They can also be used in compact plants in annular aeration tanks, surrounding the circular clarifiers.