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Screenings Technology - Belt Screens

Belt screens are self cleaning screening equipment. These screens are not only used in water and wastewater treatment plants in pretreatment. They are also used in pulp and paper industries for mill effluent screening, fiber recovery, log flume water and wood room effluent screening and other industries such as sea food processing, meat processing, poultries, sugar processing, fruit and vegetable processing, vineyards, breweries, textile industry, paint sludge dewatering, glass ceramic

Screenings Technology - Conveyor Screens

Conveyor screens are compact screening equipment equipped with a screw conveyor compactor unit. These screens can both be installed in channels or in steel tanks to be used as inline equipment. Conveyor Screens are not only used in water and wastewater treatment plants but also many other industries such as sea food processing, meat processing, vineyards, breweries, paper industry and textile industry.  ASTiM designs and manufactures different type of Con

Screenings Technology - Inline Screening Systems

Many screens can be installed in steel tanks to use as inline screens. Besides ASTiM designs and manufactures different type of Wedgewire Inline Screening Systems in a wide range of sizes. Inline Screening Systems are compact, self cleaning screening equipment. These screens are not only used in water and wastewater treatment plants in pretreatment, sludge and scum screening, storm water overflow screening, water intake and backwash screening. They are also used in pulp and paper indus

Screenings Technology - Screenings Treatment Systems

The screenings are wastes which must be minimized; reduced in volume as much as possible and shall be land filled or incinerated. Therefore the aim is to restrict screenings production as far as possible. Screenings content 80% water, partly bound with organic material, 10% other material like hygienic material, plastic articles, cloth, fibers, stones, 5% organic material like paper, food residues etc. and 5% faeces. In order to reduce weight, water has to be

Grit & Grease Removal Technology - Grit Traps

Mainly the grit removal equipment can be designed in three different styles; Traveling Scraper for Longitudinal Tanks: “KUM”. Central Driven Rotating Scrapers for Circular or Square Tanks: “CRS” . Central Driven Stirrers for Vortex Type Chambers: “PST”. ASTiM traveling scrapers, rotating scrapers and stirrers are designed to work automatically by local control panels using PLC or conventional systems which can be controlled locally, or remote from main con

Grit & Grease Removal Technology - Grease Removal Systems

ASTiM Travelling Grit Scrapers has capability for addition of grease skimmer as well. For longitudinal tank scraper installations grease skimmer option is generally added. For industrial installations ASTiM produce a range of dedicated grease removal equipment which consist of grease trap surface scrapers and dissolved air flotation units. Constructed for maximum strength and durability, industrial grease removal equipment will retain and separate oil, fat and

Grit & Grease Removal Technology - Grit Treatment Systems

High organic content in the grit shall be a problem for recycling and disposal of grit. Reduction of the organic content is the primary aim in order to make a secure disposal or recycling. To reach this aim in an economic way, the treatment process must be tailored to meet the following conditions. the grit composition, the quantity of the grit to be treated, the demands the treated grit has to meet, the local conditions, the customer's preferences. A suitable process must be selected and mo

Sedimentation Technology - Clarifiers

Clarification is the process of separating solids from the liquid. The principle is to create flocs from the suspended material in the wastewater by using chemicals and let these flocs settle by gravity in a calculated retention time.  The selection of a tank configuration and collector mechanism as scraper type and/or suction type depends upon the charateristics of solids suspension of process liquid. Astim designs and manufactures a complet

Aeration Technology - Surface Aerators

Some common types of mechanical surface aeration equipment include low speed mechanical aerators and brush type surface aerators.

Aeration Technology - Aeration Systems

Jet aeration and fine bubble aeration systems are also in Astim design and manufacturing capability.

Sludge Treatment Technology - Sludge Thickeners

Thickening is the practice of increasing the solids content of sludge by the removal of a portion of its liquid content. A modest increase in solids content (from 3 to 6 per cent) can decrease total sludge volume significantly (by 50 per cent), entailing reduced size requirements for subsequent treatment units. Sludge thickening methods are usually physical in nature: flotation and gravity belts. After the thickener, sludge can be fed to the digestion tanks or dewatering machines.

Sludge Treatment Technology - Sludge Dewatering

The essential point of sludge disposal is the sludge dewatering. The main aim in sludge dewatering is to minimize the water content in the sludge cake, in most economical way. The selection of the appropriate sludge-dewatering technique depends on the characteristics of the sludge to be dewatered, available space, and moisture content requirements of the sludge cake for ultimate disposal. For a good dewatering, size and firmness of the sludge agglomerates are important, so that these remain

Water Flow Control Equipment

The water flow control devices in Astim design and manufacturing scope are; Penstocks, Stoplogs, Adjustable over flow weirs, Telescopic valves.

Material Handling Systems - Conveyors

Conveyors are used in the transportation of such materials as screenings, lime, sludge cake, etc. The selection of conveyors depends on the height, angle and distance of transportation. Conveyors can be classified under three headings as follows:  Belt conveyors, Screw conveyors, Shaftless spiral conveyors.

Special Material Handling Equipments

Astim A.Ş. manufactures paddle mixers as special handling equipment. In wastewater treatment, the primary application of the mixer is condition sludge. The addition of lime, or fly ash, promotes disinfection and solidifies sludge for easier transport to a landfill.The mixer’s rugged design ensures that most materials can be mixed with each other even under difficult conditions.

Package Type Treatment Systems

Astim Package Sewage Treatment Systems for municipal wastewater treatment are available from 10 to 1000 people in different capacities and can be applied in holdiay resorts, summer villages, camping areas, marina and harbour facilities, military camps and units, construction sites, small communities and rural zones. And also, in order to meet the treated water needs of the small municipal communities and industries, standard compact water treatment unit for the drinking wa

Special Equipment & Vessels - Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are devices built for efficient heat transfer from one fluid to another and are widely used in engineering processes. By this way the lost energy will be recovered and energy consumption in plants will be decreased. ASTİM offers 2 types of heat exchangers with high quality material and workmanship.

Special Equipment & Vessels - Tanks

With EN ISO 3834-2 certificate and AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0 certificate, ASTİM manufactures custom fabricated AD 2000 -Merkblatt code pressure vessels, field storage tanks, columns, reactors and atmospherical tanks in a variety of carbon steel and stainless steel materials. Our design and build capabilities provide both shop and field solutions to a number of industries. ASTİM’s fabrication facility utilizes the latest state-of-the art equipment for burning, cut¬ting, squar

Special Equipment & Vessels - Sand Filters

Sand filtration is a frequently used very robust method to remove suspended solids from water. The filtration medium consists of a multiple layer of sand with a variety in size and specific gravity. Applications for sand filtration:  Preparation of cooling water, Treatment of waste water, Production of drinking water, Filtration in swimming pools. Pre filtration for membrane systems  Filtration of grey or surface water , Removal of iron. When the filters are loaded with particles,

Special Equipment & Vessels - Agitators

The manufacturing range of agitators is made from externally coated mild steel and stainless steel (316/ 304) as per requirement. Epoxy painting, rubber lining or GRP coating can be applied as external coating.

Special Equipment & Vessels - Special Containers

Regarding to the project requirements or customer needs ASTİM can manufacture special containers in a wide range of size, material and coating selection.

Screenings Technology - Channel Screens

Channel Screens are proper equipment for full automatic removal of solids from all kinds of water and wastewater. The screens consist of steel bars spaced to catch debris of a certain size. Mechanical rakes scrape the screening bars to carry the debris and discharge them through a chute into transport equipment or into a container. Channel Screens can be equipped with electrical control cabinet; with PLC or conventional systems. Additionally to prevent damages

58 Products found
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