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  • Flovac - System PE Collection Pit

    Flovac - System PE Collection Pit

    Vacuum system installers prefer the Flovac PE pit because of its ease of installation, low cost and that it comes pre-assembled to site. Operators prefer the Flovac PE pit as it restricts any contact with sewage, there are no odours and infiltration is eliminated. Confined spaces are not an issue and dropping things in the pit (like mobile phones) no longer means that they disappear down the sewer line.

  • Flovac - Vacuum Interface Valve

    Flovac - Vacuum Interface Valve

    The Flovac Vacuum Valve has a 50 year design life with no electrical components and requires only minor parts upgrades every ten years. The collection pit houses the 90 mm (3 inch) Flovac vacuum valve which interfaces between the atmosphere coming from the gravity lines and the negative pressure in the vacuum mains created by the vacuum pumps at the VPS. The VPS may be as far as 5 km (3 miles) away from the last collection pit.