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  • Business Development

    Business Development

    ATAC Solutions are able to provide representation for water treatment engineering products, offering market injection or installations within processes. Please contact us for more information.

  • Servicing & Maintenance

    Servicing & Maintenance

    ATAC Solutions can provide servicing and maintenance of all domestic and municipal treatment systems, offering a fully engineered service for maintenance, installation and commissioning of all water treatment, pumping and screening systems.

  • Engineering & Consultancy

    Engineering & Consultancy

    ATAC Solutions supply water and wastewater engineering solutions and consultancy to the highest level.  Our skilled engineers with over 10 years experience in the water and wastewater engineering industry are happy to engineer a solution to your problem. Working both alone and alongside some of the world’s leading water treatment companies ATAC Solutions are involved in the design and implementation of flotation, gravity separation and chemical...

  • Design & Validation

    Design & Validation

    ATAC solutions offer design engineering services including engineering design validation by a qualified systems design engineer.

  • Project Management

    Project Management

    At ATAC Solutions our experts in project management and design services are proficient and experienced in management within a wide range of municipal, industrial and domestic waste water treatment applications. Our team of multi-skilled and experienced engineers work closely with clients, taking great care to engineer a solution tailored to the clients needs. ATAC Solutions will dedicate a professional project manager to work with the client throughout...

  • Emergency Drain Services

    Emergency Drain Services

    Pipe and drainage problems are never pleasant. Plus, there’s the worry about the hassle and the cost. We can help you avoid all this.

  • CCTV Surveys

    CCTV Surveys

    Using the latest CCTV equipment ATAC are able to inspect and survey pipework up to 600mm (24″) diameter. Whether you want to know where a pipe is blocked, leaking or going to, ATAC have the equipment to help:

  • Drain Jetting

    Drain Jetting

    Our jetting van is equipped with high power jetting equipment for brickwork cleaning and sewer jetting due to debris blockage. Professionally trained staff will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

  • Equipment Servicing

    Equipment Servicing

    We believe in preserving capital so if it can be fixed — Atac engineers will fix it! We will ensure continuous efficient treatment and environmentally clean and legal discharges. Our onsite operations teams are fully certified to the current CDM and confined space regulations.

  • Repairs & Refurbishment

    Repairs & Refurbishment

    A wastewater treatment system, pumping station or grey water recycling system is a large investment in today’s climate, so why not protect it.

  • Remote Monitoring

    Remote Monitoring

    We can commission a bespoke remote monitoring system to notify the client or our engineer of a fault via SMS detailing the failed equipment and fault.

  • Plumbing Service

    Plumbing Service

    ATAC Solutions Ltd Plumbing Service has been created to service the domestic plumbing market.

  • Service Contracts

    Service Contracts

    All waste water equipment requires servicing to minimise the risk of failures and environmental contamination. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself against this is to appoint an approved service provided. Our engineers will look after the equipment and ensure it is serviced according to the appropriate regulations and standards.

Services by Flovac Systems

  • Flovac - Valve Blockage Test

    Flovac - Valve Blockage Test

    Flush-able Wet Wipes, Golf balls, telephones? What gets flushed down the sewer system surprises many people but not seasoned operators who have seen it all. The Flovac valve, with a 50 year design life, is designed for municipal sewers and needs to be resilient.We asked many operators from around the world what items give them the biggest headaches in their gravity sewer networks with respect to blockages. At Flovac’s research and development...