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  • Volute Dewatering

  • Atana - Volute Dewatering Press

    Atana - Volute Dewatering Press

    Save on water, save on power, save on space. The Volute dewatering press offers both sludge thickening and dewatering in one machine. Suitable for industrial sludges, primary and secondary treatment sludges, aerobic and anaerobic bio solids, digestate dewatering and oily sludges thanks to its self-cleaning moving ring mechanism that prevents clogging. Atana have completed installations in the dairy, food manufacture, rendering plant, brewing,...

  • Coagulants & Flocculants

  • Atana - pH Correction Chemicals

    Atana - pH Correction Chemicals

    There are many factors that can affect pH in wastewater, both natural (alkalinity and minerals present) and man-made (through process the water has been through). Most discharge consents have quite a narrow band of pH to be met.

  • Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Atana - Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)

    Atana - Dissolved Air Flotation System (DAF)

    Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Is a clarifying water treatment process for the separation of suspended solids; fats, oils, and grease (FOG). The advantages of DAF systems include their ability to concentrate and remove a wide range of suspended solids in wastewater at a high rate of removal.

  • Atana - Mining and Dosing Plant

    Atana - Mining and Dosing Plant

    Optimise water reuse and chemical dosing with Atana’s range of special blends and remote dosing equipment to comply with environmental obligations. The effective operation of solids separation systems can produce benefits in the reduction of mains water demand by reusing the treated water internally and maintaining control of the water quality discharged and run-off.

  • Atana - White Water Systems

    Atana - White Water Systems

    DAF is an alternative clarification process that uses micro air bubbles to attach and float flocculated particles and suspended solids to the water surface for removal.

  • Atana - Rotary Screen

    Atana - Rotary Screen

    Principle of working: Main operational part of rotary screen is a slotted tube which is a welded structure with support profiles which are rods in the axial direction of the tube and surface profiles spirally wound around the support profiles. Water is conveyed by a pump or flows by gravity on the slot tube and passes through the slots (slot sizes 0.25-2.50mm). The solid pollution that exceeds the dimension of the slot, remains on the exterior of the...

  • Atana - Parabolic Screens

    Atana - Parabolic Screens

    Parabolic screens are used to efficiently separate mechanical impurities from the industrial waste water influent streams. The best results are to be found in the food processing industry e.g. slaughterhouses, meat-processing, dairies and canning factories, principally as the fine filtration stage before the chemical treatment on the D.A.F. (dissolved air flotation).

  • Atana - Lamella Settlers

    Atana - Lamella Settlers

    Providing a large effective settling area with a small footprint. This a type of settler designed to remove particulates from liquids with a smaller footprint compared to standard settlement tanks.

  • Atana - Pipe Flocculators

    Atana - Pipe Flocculators

    Atana's range of pipe flocculators cover flows from 5 cubic meters per hour upto 150 cubic meters per hour and provide a consistent method of effectively dosing inline chemicals into waste water influent streams. The use of in-line turbulence eliminates the need for powered mixers or reaction tanks minimising space requirements. As standard our pipe flocculators come complete with  dosing and sampling ports, allowing the sequential dosing of...

  • Atana - Polymer Rigs Units

    Atana - Polymer Rigs Units

    Atana can supply bespoke polymer make down stations for powder and liquid emulsions. We also supply Polymore units for processing liquid polymers which is designed for wall-mounting and requires little space, however units can be sized to suit your individual requirements. Only water, liquid polymer and supply voltage need to be connected to the unit for commissioning.