Atarfil is a company strongly committed to innovation and development of products and services, while maintaining the highest level of quality in the industry. Founded in 1995, Atarfil`s social aim is the development, manufacturing and marketing of thermoplastic geomembranes and other complementary products for their application in works of Environmental Protection, Integrated Water Management, Public Works and Building. Our materials are produced within the highest standards of quality in the industry, while maintaining a high degree of price competitiveness. Current production capacity is over 65,000 ton / year, which makes Atarfil one of the top 5 manufacturing leaders in the world, with roll widths of up to 2-6-6,3-7,5-8 and even 11m (the widest in the world) and a range with thicknesses from 0.75 mm. up to 5 mm.

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Ctra. Córdoba Km 429 Complejo El Rey E , Atarfe , Granada 18230 Spain
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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From our origins, we are an international manufacturer with a maximum degree of specialization in the field of manufacturing waterproofing geomembrane and firmly committed to the goals of our clients.

We offer a wide range of products and a large production capacity, which ensures both delivery times and quantities, which are sometimes very important for certain applications or geographic areas.


The fundamental principles governing the company has not been elected or defined by their managers, but developed with Atarfil as the company, team, suppliers, customers and other assets, have made the company grow up.


Transparency as an essential premise to establish bonds of trust with our social and echonomic environment. Clarity, information and good performance: thus we get transparency as an organization.

Building Teams

Feeling that we all are part of the same project, involving all participants as a team to reach a common goal: finding solutions for our customers under the premises of professionalism, efficiency and strength.

Sustainability. Products that help to implement sustainable solutions in applications of high social responsibility as Environmental Protection and Water Management. We encourage the intelligent use of resources by improving processes and responsible consumption. We focus on Quality as a central axiom of Sustainability

These principles are immovable, three assumptions applied in the daily work of all components of Atarfil. We know that large part on the success of Atarfil depends on application of these principles.

Atarfil expresses respect for the Environment and expresses commitment through the implementation of concrete actions:

  • Monitoring and strict control of Quality Policy and Environment
  • Continuous research of technological improvements to optimize energy consumption
  • Review of logistics operations to optimize transport use
  • Minimizing noise pollution and gas
  • Using low-emission vehicles
  • Recycling items suitable for reuse: paper, ink, plastics, oils, batteries, mobiles
  • Printing on paper reduction and replacement of paper documentation by documentation in electronic form.

Since 1997, ATARFIL products help to a proper management of natural resources:

  • Our products waterproof lagoons where water is stored without leaking a drop. We also cover them to prevent evaporation or to capture biogas.
  • Lagoons waterproofed with our products are an essential element in Renewable Energy
  • Landfills are built with them. In addition to manage waste, landfills generate energy.
  • Our geomembranes have a long useful life so they do not need to be replaced. In addition, installation does not generate waste or toxic fumes.
  • Our products does not pollute and are suitable for use in food and drinking water

We know the responsibility and involvement that each of our customers assume when choosing our products. Therefore we strive every day to respond, in the most professional way, the demands and expectations of our customers and certifying bodies.

Atarfil counts on the best human and technical resources necessary for both, the maintenance of quality standards established for all its product range and for the development of new solutions and systems.

We invest in innovation and research as a way to ensure the success of our products and added value in our system. To do this, we have such means as:

  • Approved Laboratory
  • Laboratory pilot line for Innovation and Product Development.
  • Acoustic Chamber for Product Characterization and Evaluation of different systems for Acoustic Insulation Solutions.

Atarfil products, and the manufacturing system use to produce them, meet the most stringent and have certificates issued by local and foreign institutions:

  • ISO 9001: Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001: Environmental Management System Quality
  • CE: Control Certificate of Factory Production
  • GAI-LAP: Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute's Laboratory Accreditation Program

ASQUAL Standards quality in France
DIBT Standards of quality in Germany
GOST Quality Standards in Russia KIWA
KIWA Quality Standards in the Netherlands
ZUS Quality Standards in the Czech Republic
ETA European technical approval

Atarfil is active in the relevant industry associations IGS (International Geosynthetics Society), IFAI (Industrial Fabric Association International), GSI (Geosynthetic Institute), EGMA (European Geomembranes Association), IAGI (International Association of Geosynthetic Installers ) AIMPLAS (Technological Institute of Plastics). Quality Geomembranes

Quality of Geomembranes

How to distinguish a good Geomembrane?

To distinguish the quality of a Geomembrane we consider two parameters:

  • Raw Material (resin and masterbatch)The content and type of Carbon Black (which indicates the resistance to UV rays) together with the type and amount of Antioxidants (defined by the value of OIT) characterize the masterbatch, and NCTL test determines the properties of the resin. The evaluation of these parameters makes the quality of raw material and therefore the durability of the geomembrane.
  • Transformation. Values that determine the goodness of the transformation are given by resistance properties of the geomembrane (for example Elongation and Tensile Strength). The homogeneity of the values obtained in longitudinal and transverse direction indicates that geomembrane was obtained through a good process of transformation.

Atarfil makes use only of virgin raw materials with own processing technology. The manufacturing system used is the Calendering, which ensures maximum regularity in the thickness of all Atarfil geomembranes.