atech innovations gmbh started in Oberhausen in 1989, distributing ceramic membranes. Since 1992 we have also been very successful on the market as a manufacturer. While plant construction was initially one of our main activities, today we exclusively deal with pure membrane technology. Our key activities are developing, producing and distributing high-quality ceramic membranes made of aluminum oxide as well as pressure vessels to accommodate the ceramic membranes. We offer a wide range of standard micro-filtration and ultra-filtration solutions to our customers. In our daily work we rely on our experiences in plant construction. From here, we supply customers around the world from the chemical, biotechnological, food and beverages industries and from the waste water treatment/recycling industry with tailored advice in order to find the best possible filtration solution for their specific requirements.

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Am Wiesenbusch 26 , Gladbeck , D-45966 Germany

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Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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In our daily work we rely on our experiences in plant construction. We know about the great varieties in filtration plants and, therefore, we strictly adhere to the specific requirements set by our customers for the production of their membranes. Due to our in-depth know-how in plant construction we understand what matters in the interaction between plant and membrane. This makes us expert counselors for our customers. It is precisely this added value that is appreciated by our customers.

At its headquarters in the “Wiesenbusch” innovation park in Gladbeck, atech has a production area of approximately 1,200 m².

atech innovations gmbh is a subsidiary of ARAN Holding GmbH which is based in Bad Schwartau. atech belongs to the Technology division of the ARAN group of companies. This group consists of more than 20 medium-sized companies. In total, the group employs approximately 400 members of staff at more than 30 locations, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, the US and China.

Our principle: meeting the highest requirements

Our know-how in the field of plant construction makes us a service partner with above-average expertise. We have been active in the field of ceramic membranes since 1989 and have already realized many thousands of installations worldwide. You can rely on us, no matter where in the world you need our products or request our services.

We know: Anybody who wants to play a leading role in the market needs products of outstanding quality and has to provide best-in-class after sales services. This is what our customers can rely on - 100% and anywhere in the world.

Large storage capacities at our premises enable us to meet short delivery times without difficulties. Our discriminating customers appreciate our top-class support - which is of course provided in their respective mother tongue - and have relied on us for many years.

With joint expert knowledge at the top
More than 20 years of experience as manufacturers of ceramic membranes and up-to-date manufacturing plants are the basis of our success. Nevertheless, our employees are crucial for our company.

We are proud to say that most of our employees have been working for atech innovations gmbh since its beginnings. Due to the fact that our company started as a plant engineering company we have in-depth know-how in this area. It is exactly this know-how that our customers can rely on, even today.

One example for joint expertise is the variety of our employees' professions: we have food technologists, chemical engineers, process technicians, ceramics engineers and materials engineers. Their knowledge covers extensive subject areas, which is needed to achieve production perfection in these areas. Whether we produce ceramic membranes for the food industry, for the biotechnological industry or for the chemical industry  we exclusively rely on expert personnel.

To ensure that our production is always at the cutting edge of technology it is a matter of course for our people to regularly attend training courses several times per year. We are aware that we are working in a very sensitive area and therefore it is absolutely vital for us to always keep our expertise up to date. Without exception.

Our membrane design ensures efficiency

We develop, manufacture and install ceramic membranes that are suited for a wide variety of applications. Ceramic membranes are primarily used when polymer membranes reach their limits.

Due to their excellent material properties ceramic membranes ensure process stability and high availability levels. In addition, they do only require a little pre-treatment and a minimum of maintenance. Composite membranes are characterized by high water permeability within the channels. For reasons of fluidity and in regard of hygienic aspects all membrane channels in membranes made by us have a round configuration, without exception.

Compared with products from competitors, particularly polymer membranes, our ceramic membranes stand out due to their high chemical, thermal and mechanical strength. This ensures a long service life.

Depending on the requirements of each particular application, we offer a wide range of different membrane geometries: We will supply ceramic membranes with pore diameters that vary according to the type of material to be filtered or separated and the desired filtrate concentration.

The standard range includes single-channel and multi-channel membranes with various pore diameters suitable for ultra-filtration (starting at 5 kD) and micro-filtration (up to 1.2 µm). They are available in various lengths, up to the currently possible maximum length of 1,50 m, in order to provide as many replacement options as possible.

Compared with products from competitors, particularly polymer membranes, ceramic membranes made by atech stand out due to their high chemical, thermal and mechanical strength, ensuring a long service life. Consequently, membranes are primarily used when polymer membranes reach their limits. Due to their excellent material properties ceramic membranes ensure process stability, high availability levels, low pre-treatment requirements and minimum technical care. Compared with ceramic membranes made by other manufacturers the quality of atech membranes is significantly higher because they are produced without using any ceramic binders or other additives.

When choosing ceramic membranes made by atech you will benefit from:

  • high pressure resistance (bursting strength)
  • resistance to concentrated caustic solutions and acids
  • possibility of backpulsing
  • very high abrasion resistance
  • trouble-free cleaning
  • temperature stability
  • high flux

During cross-flow filtration by means of ceramic membranes the medium to be filtered flows through the channels of the membrane support. All particles whose size exceeds the pore diameter of the membrane are retained. The particles/molecules build up in the concentrate. The filtrate permeates through the pores and is treated in subsequent process stages as required by the particular procedure.

99% purity - no exceptions
Choosing the right material is key for production quality. This is why we exclusively use aluminum oxide with a purity of 99% to make our ceramic supports. Compared with products from competitors, particularly polymer membranes, our ceramic membranes stand out due to their high chemical, thermal and mechanical strength, so that we can guarantee a long service life. This is the only way to come up to the demanding requirements of our customers without difficulties.

Quality assurance is not left to chance, neither. We keep reference samples of all lots that have been supplied to us and delivered by us to customers. In this manner we can always find out who supplied us with the relevant material. Most of our suppliers are European or US companies with whom we have entertained business relationships based on mutual trust for many years.

Award-winning quality awareness in sensitive areas

We are proud to be one of only four companies in the world that are authorized to apply the 3-A Symbol to their equipment.

3-A (Sanitary Standards, Inc.) is an independent organization dedicated to advancing equipment design for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This organization represents the interests of stakeholders who are committed to promoting food safety and the public health.

This authorization is another proof of the top quality of our modules and shows that it does not cause any trouble to us to supply customers from these industries with our products.