atg UV Technology

atg UV Technology

atg UV Technology are leaders in the design and manufacture of UV (ultraviolet) disinfection / treatment systems for municipal drinking water and waste water, oil and gas applications, industrial process water and aquatics. Our applications include: Municipal: Drinking water (validated), waste water, storm water, advanced oxidation, waste water re-use. Oil & Gas: Drinking water, well injection (oil & gas recovery), pipeline hydrotesting, SRB reduction & corrosion protection, unconventional gas (gas fracking), Industrial, process water, ultra-pure water, TOC reduction, make-up water, food & beverages, aquatics (swimming pools). With 30 years of experience, an impressive international client portfolio and thousands of successful case studies, atg UV are leading the way in UV system design for Low Pressure, Low Pressure Amalgam and Medium Pressure UV Systems, treating flows from 1 m3/hr to over 5,000 m3/hr in a single, compact, high output UV system.

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Genesis House, Richmond Hill, Pemberton , Wigan , Lancashire WN5 8AA United Kingdom
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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With 35 years of passion and expertise in water treatment, we are world leaders in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly and chemical-free UV disinfection systems and water treatment packages.

Delivering Industry Leading UV Disinfection Systems

Serving an international customer base through an established distributor network, atg UV operates from a modern, purpose built manufacturing facility in the North of England.

Equipped with a specialist in-house technical design team and skilled engineers, atg UV is able to provide effective, cost-efficient and bespoke solutions for a vast range of industry needs.

The atg UV team are committed to maintaining the high standards expected from a world market leader. With award-winning technology, experience and focus on customer care, atg UV has earned an international reputation for quality, innovation, and design.


atg UV Technology are experts in the application of Ultraviolet light, offering both medium pressure and low-pressure amalgam lamp technologies. This allows for high quality, cost-efficient solutions for a variety of applications.

Flexible designs ensure atg UV can provide advanced technology solutions for both new installations and retrofits of existing units, in a range of difficult and challenging environments.

With a vast product range, which caters for a variety of applications, from only a few m³/hr to full-scale water treatment works treating in excess of over 2500 m³/hr in a single compact system, atg UV can provide effective solutions for almost any specification.

In addition to our standard products, atg UV can offer United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual (US EPA UVDGM) Validated systems. The US EPA method is one of the most modern and rigorous testing regimes available for UV systems, allowing for flexible operation of the Validated UV equipment.

atg UV utilises advanced 3D CAD and CFD model production to aid Ultraviolet chamber designs and lamp orientation, ensuring our units achieve optimum performance.

atg UV’s attitude to design and manufacture is driven by a ‘quality first’ approach. As an ISO 9001 company, with Achilles UVBD and NSF accreditation, you can be assured that all atg UV products are consistently engineered to the highest standards.

Our skilled team of engineers ensures that every system designed meets the most stringent standards set by the Ultraviolet industry. From industry specified materials and large flow volumes to units designed for restricted space and operation within harsh environments, atg UV can design, manufacture and install bespoke site-specific units to meet almost any requirement.

Our design and manufacturing experience for UV systems includes US EPA UVDGM 2006, NORSOK, NiPH, GOSH, NSF, WRAS and IMO design standards.


A passion for quality, generous and caring, exceeding your expectation

The continued sustainable growth and success of atg UV has been achieved by our passion for delivering first class products and customer service and our investment in our people, products and in our wider community.

At atg UV, we believe in the importance of compassion and integrity in all of our dealings with clients, suppliers and each other. That is why our customers recognise us, not just as an industry leader in UV technology, but as a company they can trust and rely on.

Our Company Vision: ‘To be the best UV company in the world’

To define the market with innovative UV and related technologies and to be recognised as having a world-class knowledge base. To be sustainable, profitable, and recognised across all industries as a model for a successful technology business.

Our Mission Statement: ‘Determined to succeed together’

For over 30 years we have been listening to and working with our clients, suppliers, and partners. Our success has been underpinned by our clear philosophy: “Determined to succeed together”. This has fostered a positive, compassionate and mutually beneficial culture for our customers, employees, and suppliers.

As industry leaders in UV Disinfection Systems, atg UV aim to:

  • Forge long-standing successful partnerships with our customers.
  • Provide constant product innovation, exploration, and acquisition of new technologies that meet and surpass industry guidelines and regulations.
  • Create a passion for customer service, product and design quality.
  • Achieve continuous improvement in project performance, safety, quality of service and delivery of results.

Sustainable practices and eco-friendly operations are key to our success:

Ultraviolet light technology is inherently environmentally friendly, as it provides chemical-free treatment for drinking and wastewater. We take pride in our ability to maintain the highest quality standards and continued technical developments, whilst successfully implementing environmentally friendly processes throughout the entire atg UV supply chain.

As part of our commitment to excellence, atg UV Technology are 3rd party certified via the Utilities Verification and Assessment Scheme ‘Achilles’, ensuring outstanding performance in our environmental consciousness and practice alongside Health and Safety conduct.

In order to maintain a low carbon footprint whilst supporting British industries and communities, atg UV source locally wherever possible and manufacture in-house at our Wigan based headquarters. Working closely with our suppliers and customers, we promote recycling, energy efficiency, efficient packaging, and transportation methods.

We continually develop our products to reduce the raw materials used and to lower electrical energy consumption, such as using the latest technology low power high-efficiency UV lamps.

atg UV actively support national and International charities, and are proud to aid the following initiatives:

One organisation close to our hearts is ‘The Chiawa Trust’. Each year the Managing Director, Chris Purslow, together with a number of atg employees hosts a charity event to fund the trust which aids the Chiawa Region of Zambia. atg UV actively support the charity in building projects, supporting orphans and enabling their education, working with the adults of the village to attain new skills which enable sustainable income.

Other charities that atg UV work closely with are, Rebuild for Bosnia (housing for displaced families), Xt3 (Christian Youth), Danielle Children’s Fund (housing and education for disadvantaged children in Ecuador and Nepal). We do not have operations in developing countries, however, on a recent visit to Ecuador, we commenced a wiring loom project to provide an income and new skills to the charity.

‘Community investment is more than just charitable giving. It’s about supporting those communities most in need, with time, skills, money and expertise’

We actively offer work experience placements to local schools and also encourage employee initiatives to support young people in the community through sponsorship of local sports team and competitive cyclist, Bex Reilly. By means of investing in the growing talent within our local community, and keeping our eyes open to the emerging technological developments, a recent project with the University Technical College of Wigan will see our UV on the first ever vertical farm installation.

‘Good people make a great business. People’s strengths, people’s ambitions and people’s ideas are our engine of success’

Investors In People, to whom atg UV are endorsed by.

By listening to and working closely with our employees and distributors we create a positive, compassionate and mutually beneficial culture where we share the same motivation and company vision.

In recognition of the valued team effort, we regularly organise company ‘away days’, attend award events, host distributor conferences and generally enjoy letting our hair down every now and then.

Please see our news page for regular updates on company adventures and individual’s achievements.