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Since 1988, we have catapulted from its status as an unknown start-up businesses to one of the most reputable, visible and trustworthy names in technology integration, wind energy and solar technology, known today as Atlantis Solar and Wind with our worldwide known Trade Mark as Atlantis Solar. Our Atlantis Solar name started in 2004 as a major brand name, and today we are one of the largest exporters and processors / producers of solar technology products from eastern Asia to the South Atlantic. Our ability to control the entire production chain on high technology, wind, solar and electronics manufacturing coupled with our strong presence in large international regions allows us to optimize our cost structure, have a faster reaction to market requirements and improve customer satisfaction.

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Sacramento , California, USA
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Solar Power
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Globally (various continents)

Thank you for contacting Atlantis Solar and Wind. Our products are becoming very  popular throughout the world and we will be in over 80 countries by the end of this  year, with the help of our strategic associate partners worldwide.

Stringent   quality  control  of  our   products  makes  us  very  competitive in the world markets. Our products are manufactured with USA, Japanese,  Korean and China  parts  in  Atlantis  Solar  USA manufacturing facilities in the United States and now Asia. Our  presence  being  known  as  Atlantis   Solar  brand  name  in  over  80  countries  today  and  growing.

Our Atlantis Solar brand name products are growing very fast in  today’s  world  markets,  we  projected  in  2008  export  to  20 countries. Today we are  working with  over  80  countries  in  product  sales  and  growing  unbelievably  fast.  With increasing energy cost, Atlantis Solar continually researches  and designs energy efficient technology helping the reduction of Global Warming to help reduce our worlds continued ozone deterioration and fuel cost.  Atlantis Solar will  excel  in manufacturing demand  worldwide  with  our state of the art technology, energy efficient top quality products, and export  expectations in 2015; making us a global leader, with our state of the art environmentally intelligent green technology.

Our world depends on you to provide the most environmentally friendly products, helping preserve nature, reduce energy cost, and most of all,

Quality, Cost and Affordability

Please allow yourself to review Atlantis Solar Internet Site and see our many products Atlantis Solar continues to design, upgrade, and add to our product line of ever changing energy efficient Environmentally Friendly Carbon Free high quality affordable energy products

Our products not only continue to increase in over all state of the art intelligent user and environmentally friendly technology, but lower energy cost by large guaranteed amounts.

Atlantis Solar products not only help improve our environment; our products offer the end user a piece of mind, knowing our products will continue to save energy cost while improving the worlds air quality for years to come.