ATN Engineering B.V.

ATN Engineering B.V.

ATN Engineering is a supplier of machinery for the recycling of WEEE. Such as refrigerators (up to 130 per hour with an efficiency of 99.6 perecent), air conditionings (all gasses new and old with maximum safety), televisions ( up to 60 per hour with a minimum of dust), flat screens (automatic systems), gas treatment plants for all the gasses from refrigerators and AC units, automatic degassing systems etc. The degassing is done per ATN drill-head, first the oil and then the gas. If you prefer piercing pliers, for maximum safety we use special connection devises for the degassing of AC units. We also can support you with designing your layout of your plant. Efficiency and reliability are the keywords for our machinery. We are supplying machinery to customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

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Touwslager 1 , Stadskanaal , 9502 KD Netherlands
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Material Recycling
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Globally (various continents)
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1,000,000 - 10,000,000 €

ATN Engineering
Protecting the environment are the key words when we are speaking about end of life refrigerators. To avoid any possible contamination of the environment ATN Engineering developed an unique, environmental save and highly efficient degassing systems to recycle old refrigerators.

  • ATN Equipped plants degas and de-oil up to 200 refrigerators per hour.
  • Our drill-head system extracts all gas and oil safely in no more then 60 seconds.
  • Fully automatic degassing systems possible.
  • All plants are egnineered in accordance with the PED and ATEX regulations, as well as the WEEE Directive. They are also certified by T.U.V. Germany or any other NoBo.

Custom design and build to client specification
Each system is carefully designed to the clients wishes and placed within the clients current logistic system. In order to maximize output and efficiency we can supply logistic lay-outs or even complete logistic systems. 

Our equipment can run nonstop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our degassing systems are qualified for flammable gasses. Therefore a safe operation of the de-gassing and de-oiling process is assured.

Increased Scrap value
The gas and oil collecting efficiency of our equipment is measured at 99.5%. Nearly all oil and gas are extracted from the cooling system resulting in a higher value of your scrap metals.

Increased Efficiency
ATN degassing systems maximize your shredder input and therefore greatly increase the efficiency of your overall recycling process.

Separated oil and gas collecting
The vacuum system in our de-gassing equipment assures complete separation of gas and oil.

Volume tracking
Collected volumes of the extracted gas and oil are displayed on the integrated screen. Ideal for administrative purposes.

Status information
The present-unit gives exact information about the status of the degassing and it is easy to maintain.

30 year of experience
ATN Engineering has over 30 years of experience in developing and constructing complicated and highly efficient degassing equipment.


Gerrie Leemput witnessed, in 1989, that the piles of discarded refrigerators in the Netherlands kept growing. He felt that a sollution was needed. After spending months in his garage designing and adjusting he found the end result: the patented ATN drill-head. The drill-head enabled easy draining of harmfull oil and gas coming from end-of-life refrigerators. With the invention of the drill-head, gas and oil would no longer come in contact with the environment. Therefore the drill head facilitated a safe and healthy working climate for the employees that handled these harmfull substances. 

Over the past couple of years ATN Engineering has refined the drill-head and now it is able to drain a domestic refrigerator within one minute (with an effciency of 99%). Furthermore, ATN Engineering created new logistical solutions, new machinery to drain industrial coolers and equipment for the recycling of televisions and tumble dryers.  This has not gone unnoticed, because the demand has grown ever since. Nowadays ATN Engineering has installed more than 80 custom-made systems world-wide to solve the recycling problems of our customers.

Our office and production facility is located in Stadskanaal (the North of the Netherlands). This facility enables us to speed up production and to progress with a number of new developments in order to expand our range of recycling solutions.


ATN has developed some new produts that we like to share with you. 

  • 5°C pre-condensing for all condensation units including BK1 and PT6.
    Makes the machines independent from the ambient temperatures.
  • Water-refrigerant separator.
    With that freezing in liquid lines to the collection tank is avoided.
  • Condensing unit for the collection of blowing agents. 
    Stage 2 condensing unit.
  • Catalyser for stage 1 degassing machines.
    When you want to save costs for the destruction.
  • Catalyser for stage 2 blowing agents destruction.
    When you want to save costs for the destruction.
  • Condensing unit for the collection of pentane.
    In combination with Catalyser stage 2. You can use the pentane as fuel.
  • Condensing unit for the condensation of bio gas.
  • All kind of logistic solutions.
  • Draining unit for high pressure (200 bars) tanks.
  • Draining unit for propane and butane tanks. 

In the following months we will publish more information about our new products. 

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Last May we began with a new project for Scandinavia. This is the third machine we will deliver in Scandinavia and it has to be finished in October.

This degassing machine can degas and de-oil 100 fridges per hour with our patented drill-head. Below you will find pictures of how far we are with the construction. It is not finished yet but in August we will post an update!

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In May we started with project 104. A degassing machine for tumble dryers.

This machine is specially made to drain refrigerant and oil from tumble dryers. Accordance to WEEELABEX these R410a high pressure gas containing heat pumps inside the tumble dryer have to be drained in an environmental friendly way.

There is a strong demand for this special degassing machine, because the European Union also wants plants to recycle this e-waste. We are the first that has a solution for the draining of heat pumps in tumble dryers.

This machine can degas and de-oil 60 tumble dryers per hour with our special piercing device. The project will be finished in October, but we will give you an update in August.

If you also are looking for a degassing machine that can drain the heat pump of tumble dryers, please contact us at Also check our product alert about “Degassing machine for tumble dryers” for more information.

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We are able to supply stage one degassing plants with a capacity of more than 200 refrigerators per hour. But only with a sufficient logistic system you will be able to use this capacity efficiently. With our logistic solution you will be able to operate our stage one degassing machines at maximum capacity.  See refrigerator recycling above for more information about the machines that we ... Read more


BEWARE OF COMPANY'S CLAIMING THAT THEY ARE REPRESENTING ATN ENGINEERING BV. We received information that there are company's claiming that they are representing ATN Engineering bv. In order to be shore that you are dealing with a true representative of our company please send an E-mail with the name and andress of the company you are talking to. We will tell wether or not it is safe to deal ... Read more