AudioDev GmbH

AudioDev GmbH

For more than 20 years, our measurement instruments have ensured that customers around the world can meet exacting quality standards. We develop and manufacture spectrometric measurement systems for industrial and laboratory applications. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective quality assurance solutions to leading developers and manufacturers in industries ranging from production of flat-panel displays, precision glass and semiconductors to packaging and coating for consumer products.

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Borsigstrasse 78 , Heinsberg , 52525 Germany
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Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)

When it comes to measurement, we are:

Second to none

AudioDev’s blend of technology and service makes us the best choice for systematic testing that secures standard & reference n+k results and boosts production efficiency for you and your customers. We meet your every requirement – from tailoring a solution based on your specifications to providing fast, competent sales and service through our worldwide network.

AudioDev is the high-performance solution for measuring super-thin films, OLED and similar materials. We ´ve been the leader in OLED measurement since our first equipment was introduced on the market in 2008.


We might not know what applications tomorrow will bring … but our history of innovation means that we are ready to meet your testing requirements, whatever they may be.


We’ve found that the only truly effective way to meet quality goals and achieve cost-effective production is to apply comprehensive, non-destructive testing. We focus on providing a unique scope of products that no one else can offer.

That’s why AudioDev developed a unique, contactless measurement instrument that quickly and accurately measures spectral reflectance and colour appearance of anti-reflective (AR) coatings, or coating-layer thickness of hard coatings and varnishes on transparent and translucent curved surfaces.

We’ve also developed a product group to test all types of layers currently used in any kind of OLED stack – including organic and inorganic layers – both during production and offline. Our equipment measures layer thicknesses as well as refractive and absorption indexes, while also taking into account surface roughness. The inline system is designed and optimised for highly accurate and stable inline testing to guarantee absolute measurement results under production conditions.