AURAVIA Ltd is company that has been established in region of Baltic states with its production facil ties based in Latvia. Company is specialized in production of anionic surfactants that has been synthesized from natural raw materials combining biotechnical and chemical processes. The uniqueness of the end product is that it is naturally biodegradable and environment friendly. We ensure maximum product effectiveness by combining our expertise in biotechnology and chemistry. Our products are competitive throughout the world.

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9 Grecinieku street , Riga , Latvia LV-1050 Latvia
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Site Remediation
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Globally (various continents)

AURAVIA LATVIA is an experienced biotechnology company, specializing in the production and development of a new range of biodegradable surfactants. Using our in-house technology we can:

  • Offer technical surfactants for ex-situ soil remediation technologies
  • Design surfactants for specific soil pollution to reach high remediation efficiency
  • Give technical advice in order to maximise the process efficiency
  • Offer industrial washing products for heavy oil dirt removal  

One of our main priorities is sustainability - we see to it that our products are environmentally friendly and made from renewable materials.

We ensure maximum product effectiveness by combining our expertise in biotechnology and chemistry. Our products are competitive throughout the world. They can be used in large scale industrial projects as well as in smaller domestic applications. All products are made from natural raw materials that are biodegradable and harmless to their users.

AURAVIA was founded in 2004 with the objective to develop a new range of bio-degradable surfactants, which could be used in large scale environmental applications. They also needed to be low cost and produced from renewable raw materials. We realised that our products could be made by combining our chemical and biotechnological experience. AURAVIA designed AURA-PURE base lines.

Products in AURA-PURE line are glycolipid-based surfactant mixtures with unique washing abilities. Washing agents can be developed specially for different target pollutions in a various range of oil waste pollutants.

In collaboration with the waste treatment company JSC BAO - AURAVIA developed their AURA-PURE product, that is used in ex-situ soil washing process to cleanse heavy waste oil pollution out of soil and polluted water. It is then treated in a wastewater treatment plant as degradable pollution. AURA-PURE is degrades in the environment and it makes waste oil more accessible to microorganisms by emulsifying it in water.

We are convinced that our surfactant base can be applied not only in contaminated soil washing but also in:

  • Biogas production technologies
  • Oil sludge remediation with slurry bioreactor technologies
  • Potential environment damaging processes associated with petroleum product usage
  • Sensitive eco washing detergents for greasy and heavy oil stained surfaces
AURAVIA is a growing company. We are continuing our development of new products which can be used in industrial applications as well as products for everyday household usage. Our guiding principle remains unchanged – Superior product performance without harming the environment.