Aurus Management Systems

Aurus Management Systems

Aurus Management Systems

Aurus Environmental, Inc. is an experienced consulting firms that provides full service regulatory consulting in addition to ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9000 services to an array of clients in diverse sectors. The personnel are experienced professionals with over 15 years of experience in their fields. Aurus services include preparation of environmental analysis, reports and technical filings to include air, water and waste permitting as well as thorough ssistance with implementation of various management systems. The focus of Aurus is to provide the client the means to ensure full compliance while assisting in the design of methods to increase efficiency and achieve cost reduction. Aurus is committed to client satisfaction and provides personal attention to each individual project.

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1235 Nicholas Manor , San Antonio , Texas 78258 USA
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Consulting firm
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Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)

Regulatory Compliance and Management systems value and knowledge is brought by Aurus to ensure that your organization will benefit from Aurus management of your projects. A brief summary follows of selected projects that illustrate Aurus expertise in regulatory compliance as well as ISO 14000 / OHSAS 18001 & ISO 9001:2011 Management System training, implementation and auditing programs:

Alcoa, Eastalco Facility - 1997 Original Certification : Aurus Staff designed and provided implementation assistance to the East Alco foundry facility in Frederick , MD. The Alcoa EMS was successfully registered to the ISO 14001 standard by third party registrar. The Aurus Staff assisted the facility with the facility with their QMS conversation process to ISO 9000-2000.

Alcoa, Gum Springs Facility - Aurus provided EMS training to the staff of the facility. A three day training program was designed to be site specific and included an overview of the ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 standard elements and included instruction in Aspect / Impact Identification and Ranking concepts. Aurus has assisted the facility with EMS design and implementation. Successful 'Third Party' Certification achieved. Regulatory support of Environmental and Safety programs.

Alcoa, Lake Charles Facility – Provide auditing services and self assessment support to the sole carbon anode manufacturing plant in the United States .

Alcoa, San Antonio Facility – Provided environmental health and safety compliance and management system conformance services to an Research and Development aluminum rolling mill.

Alcoa, Texarkana Facility – Provide EMS auditing service to an aluminum rolling mill, in addition to major permitting assistance for Title V Air Permit and water discharge permits.

Arkansas Department of Environment Quality – Aurus Staff conducted a workshop on compliance-based EMS . The workshop included discussions on how state and local compliance and enforcement staff could recognize a well designed and operationally sound EMS with emphases on compliance and pollution prevention.

ARMTEC Defense – Aurus Staff developed and implemented a compliance based Environmental Management System for the East Camden , Arkansas facility explosives manufacturing and TSD facility. Facility successfully obtained RAB Certification. The staff has provided environmental regulatory assistance in conjunction with a UXO/RCRA remediation action.

BAE Systems IDS, Austin , TX Facility – Aurus Staff designed and provided implementation assistance for the Austin , TX campus. System is in conformance with TCEQ EMS. Facility successfully approved for Gold Star status under the Clean Texas program. Performance of Phase I due diligence investigation in conjunction with acquisitions of properties in New Hampshire , Massachusetts , New York , California ; divestiture of properties in Arkansas , North Carolina and California . Regulatory support of active Environmental, Health and Safety operations.

BAE Systems Flight Systems, Mojave, CA Facility – Flight Systems- The Aurus Staff successfully implemented an ISO – 14000 Management System integrated with existing ISO 9000 and AS 9001 standards. Performance of Phase I due diligence investigations in conjunction with acquisition and divestiture of property. Performance of environmental and safety compliance services.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment – Aurus Staff developed and conducted a workshop on compliance-based EMS . The interactive hands-on workshops included discussions on how state and local compliance and enforcement staff could recognize a well designed and operationally sound EMS with emphases on compliance, pollution prevention, and external communication.

Confidential Client (OEM) – Performance of annual audits of Tier 1 to 3 recyclers of electronic waste for a major electronic equipment manufacturer in North and South America and Australia/New Zealand.

Confidential Client (Musical Instrument Manufacturer) – Implementation and maintenance of a consent order mandated ISO 14001 for a groundwater remediation system in the southwest US.

Confidential Client (Energy Corporation) – Aurus staff provided regulatory assistance and EHS compliance auditing services for power generation facilities.

Confidential Client (Telecommunications Corporation ) – Complete compliance review of Environmental and Safety programs for acquisition of Corporation by Third Party.

Confidential Client (Semi-conductor Manufacturing) – Implementation of ISO 14001Environmental Management System.

Conecsus – ISO 14001 implementation

Dailey Petroleum Services, Inc. Aurus Staff developed, implemented and managed corporate Environmental Management systems based on the BS 7750 (precursor to ISO 14001) & ISO 9000. The Aurus staff designed and implemented Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Corporate policies and procedures. Performance of Phase I site assessment for divestiture and subsequent remediation of facilities located in Alaska, California, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming. Design of wastewater treatment system for Louisiana oil field tools facility. Full assistance with environmental and safety compliance assurance was also provided to the organization.

eSCO Processing and Recycling – e-Stewards, Implementation Assistance

ECS Refining – e-Stewards, Implementation Assistance

HCET, FIU - The Aurus Staff designed, and provided implementation assistance to the Hemispheric Center for Environmental Technology at the Florida International University site. The EMS was based on the ISO 14001 standard and was successfully certified by third party auditors.

Municipalities, various – Preparation of Brownfields RCRA and job training grants for municipalities. Training of municipal staff on GIS in conjunction with Brownfields projects.

Shell Oil - Aurus Staff provided regulatory assistance and remedial / reclamation planning and design for surface and underground mining operations.

Texas Rail Road Commission (TRRC) - Aurus Staff provided project management for remediation activities at major orphaned oil production sites.

US Department of Defense, Chemical Demilitarization Project - Aurus Staff completed 'gap' analysis & implementation design guidance for the Chemical Demilitarization Project. In addition, Aurus Staff continue to lead the EMS technical expertise to nine chemical demilitarization sites across the United States . This expertise includes conducting EMS pilot projects at PMCD incineration and neutralization facilities, strategic environmental planning, EMS auditing, and conducting ISO 14000 training.

United States Mint: The Aurus Staff designed and provided implementation to the United States Mints for its EMS initiative.

US EPA Office of Water – Aurus personnel wrote and developed EMS training tools for water utilities to include an EMS Handbook for Wastewater Utilities; EMS Aspects and Prioritization Workbook; EMS and Asset Management pamphlet doe Water Utilities; and an EMS Compendium for Wastewater Managers.

VP Assets – e-Stewards, Implementation Assistance


Aurus has developed a series of modules that make the implementation process less complicated and provides efficiency in both the implementation and management phases of e-cycling. The Aurus Virtual Management Systems (Aurus VMS) is a web based, module oriented management system for tracking Environmental, Health and Safety issues. The software is role based allowing administrators, users and vendors access and allows for PDF and Printer output of form data.

Available modules cover a repository for documentation, a corrective action module that tracks & alert the staff assignments for completion of corrective/preventative actions, a module designed for aspect/impact assessment, risk evaluations and ranking, an internal audit module, an ISO 14001 certfication module and a module that can be utilized to accomplish “downstream vendor” audits.

Modules Currently Offered:

  • Prevention Request Module
  • Aspects/Impacts Module
  • Risk Ranking Module
  • e-Stewards Tracking Module
  • Auditors Checklist R2
  • Document Repository Module
  • ISO 14001

  • Quality Management System Development Assistance
  • Quality Management System Auditing
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • DOT Security Plans
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Facility Software EHS Program Development (Air, Water, Waste)
  • Implementaion of VMS systems

  • Pollution Prevention Program Design
  • Performance Measurement Matrix Development
  • Design of Sustainability Indexing
  • Corporate Annual EHS Report Development
  • Community Acceptance Program Design