Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

The Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility helps organisations build competitive advantage through corporate social responsibility. We are Australia’s leading specialist corporate social responsibility services provider. Our advisory, learning and research services in CSR help a wide range of clients from global business leaders to industry associations, public sector entities and non-government organisations. Established in 2003, Managing Director Dr Leeora Black founded the firm with the mission of supporting companies to achieve superior social performance that helps drive business success. Adopting a capacity building approach, ACCSR helps organisations to identify and understand their social responsibilities, capacity and impact and develop strategies and tactics to reduce social risks and improve both performance and social responsiveness.

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Suite G1, 10 Yarra Street , South Yarra , Victoria 3141 Australia
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ACCSR helps organisations create lasting value through responsible business strategies and productive stakeholder relationships. We are a highly specialised independent management consulting and training firm that combines a professional service approach with a commitment to driving higher performance standards both for our clients and ourselves.

You can read about our team, our partners and our ways of working by clicking on the tabs at the left. You can read about our services by clicking on the icons above.

ACCSR is an Organisational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative and a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

ACCSR is certified by the Global Reporting Initiative to provide training in sustainability reporting in Australia and New Zealand.

From 2007-2011 ACCSR partnered with La Trobe University Graduate School of Management to support delivery of the Graduate Certificate in Corporate Responsibility. Modules from the Graduate Certificate for Corporate Responsibility have now been incorporated into the MBA and are an integral part of the Master of Management.

ACCSR is a small and friendly, values-based place to work.

At ACCSR you will work with some of Australia’s leading businesses and government agencies in vibrant South Yarra, close to public transport.

If you are an experienced and energetic person who is passionate about helping organisations improve competitive advantage through corporate social responsibility then we would like to hear from you.

The skills attributes you will need to be successful at ACCSR include:

  • Personal attributes such as integrity, an ethical approach, and hard-working
  • An analytical mind with high-level technical and strategic skills
  • Knowledge and experience of CSR and sustainability
  • Project management and organisation skills, including the ability to attend efficiently to details while keeping the big picture in mind
  • Team work and leadership skills
  • Communications skills (both written and verbal)
  • Skills in client relations and business development
  • A relevant university degree in an area such as social sciences, business, marketing, law or sustainability.

Experience working in a consulting or professional service firm as well as specific sector experience is always an advantage.

We are keen to hear from prospective employees with the experience, expertise and credibility to make a significant contribution to our work and the continued growth of our business. Please e-mail us your CV/résumé and a cover note explaining your interest in working with us. If a specific opening matches your qualifications, we will get in touch with you.

We seek to work with clients and partners who share our values. These values guide our approach to doing business.

Sustainability is a concept that describes an ideal future state of relationships between the ecological system and the social system. We extend this concept to the notion of social sustainability. We value and strive for corporate systems and behaviour based on satisfying basic human needs for inclusion, respect, autonomy and safety. A socially sustainable system means stakeholders choose to stay in the system, or want to join the system. Employees, customers, investors, communities and suppliers are the key participants in a socially sustainable system. A socially sustainable system also acknowledges, fosters and respects the interests of ‘silent’ stakeholders like the environment in corporate strategy and decision making.

We participate with clients in solving problems. This means sharing the journey towards social responsibility with our clients and partners. Most client-consultant relationships operate on a power dynamic. We reject this in favour of a participation dynamic. To explain what we mean, consider the relationship in which the all-knowing consultant dispenses a prescription that the client is expected to take. This is like a doctor-patient dynamic, where power resides with the consultant. In other relationships, the client has a specific need for a technical expert to solve a particular problem. The diagnosis and the treatment plan has been made by the client and the consultancy simply needs to carry it out. Power resides with the client. In contrast to these two extremes, we value a participatory model in which the issue of power in the client-consultant relationship takes a back seat to the value of participation.

Public Knowledge
We are committed to creating public knowledge that helps firms and their stakeholders achieve sustainable relationships. We believe that knowledge about social responsibility must reside in the public domain. While protecting our significant investment in intellectual property, we are committed to placing our continually developing knowledge in the public domain where it can be discussed and evaluated. We therefore publish what we have learned and continually strive to extend what we know, by participating in a knowledge journey with our clients and partners. Please check our resources page for publications.

A professional strives for the highest level of competence in all that she does. We have specialised skills and knowledge in corporate social responsibility which we continually expand. We are strict and scrupulous about the methods we use to develop knowledge. We aim for conceptual clarity and methodological rigor in all our work. The process of placing our emerging knowledge in the public domain through publication helps us maintain intellectual rigor. Further, we believe that professionals ultimately work for the public good. Therefore, while respecting client confidentiality, we use our professional knowledge and skills to seek to balance the needs of our clients and partners and the interests of society.