AutoProbe Technologies LLC

AutoProbe Technologies LLC

AgRobotics, LLC provides soil sampling solutions. AutoProbe automated soil sampling technology collects up to 40 cores per sample effortlessly in a consistent, uniform, and accurate distance, angle, and depth from the comfort of a tractor cab. Precise Sampling leads to Precise Planting and Precise Nutrient Management which brings about the best odds for maximum yield, lower costs and greater profit. AutoProbe Technologies has been tested & validated on close to 1 million acres across North America.

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(815) 683-8020 , Illinois, USA
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Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

In Agriculture everything begins with one thing, the soil. That is still true; however, with a caveat that changes everything: knowledge about the soil. The ability to analyze soil composition is nothing new. What is new is the AutoProbe. Every other method of gathering soil, in order to have the best and most complete understanding of the soil is obsolete. Simply put, there is nothing like the AutoProbe but the AutoProbe. After 9 years of testing and proof in the field, there is no reason that that the AutoProbe is not pulling fifty cores per minute – that’s pulling a soil core every 8.5 feet while cruising at five miles per hour. The AutoProbe is capable of sampling a 2.5 acre grid on the go, delivering 40 cores in 45 seconds into the tractor cab without stopping. That’s 3X faster than manual core sampling and 10X more accurate: AND REPEATABLE YEAR TO YEAR! In the coming years Soil is not only the Alpha; it is the Omega. Knowing how to be a good steward of the soil has always been in the interest of growers. But the future of good stewardship turns on precision and accuracy. There is not another machine on the market that can compete with the PATENTED AutoProbe: the most intensive, accurate and repeatable, soil-sampling machine on earth. It is capable of pulling consistent 6” cores every 8.5 feet inside grids, zones or any other sampling scheme imaginable.