Avanti Wind Systems Limited

Avanti Wind Systems Limited

Since its establishment in 1885 over 30,000 service lifts have been installed globally, more than 10,000 tower internals and more than 15,000 service technicians working in the wind industry have been trained and educated in safety by Avanti Wind Systems. Avanti has established offices and production facilities on a global scale in order to ensure that we are present in the markets where the wind is blowing and where our customers require our vast experience and expertise. Avanti was founded in 1885 as a ladder factory in a backyard in Denmark’s capital city Copenhagen. Operations first started back in 1885 with the production of wooden ladders, making Avanti a pioneer in ladders manufactured from laminated wooden profiles. Today, Avanti still supplies wooden ladders but also a wide range of fibre-glass and aluminium ladders, tower internals, platforms right down to small brackets and other small galvanised steel parts.

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Adidasvej 2, Knudlund Industricenter , Them , 8653 Denmark
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Wind Energy
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Today, the company is a global, full-line supplier of products, solutions and training courses for safe work in wind turbines.

Our focus is Crystal Clear: Through high quality safety products and solutions for wind turbine towers we help our customers make wind energy cost competitive


Safe Work in Wind Turbines.

AVANTI wishes to contribute to a safe working environment in wind turbine towers.

AVANTI products have been developed to improve the working environment.

AVANTI wishes to contribute to our customers' effectiveness, as the use of AVANTI products for ascent and descent helps to save time and is very reliable.

As worldwide market leader, AVANTI develops products that focus on improving the profitability of the turbine.

Environmental Objectives:

Naturally, Avanti Wind Systems will ensure that all environmental legal requirements are met by the company at the very least. We are part of an industry which works with sustainable and non-polluting energy production, which means we focus constantly on the environment.

The Avanti Wind Systems Environmental Policy uses a system of constant inspections, checks and improvements to ensure:

  • that all aspects of the company’s production and administration reduce any form of pollution to the absolute minimum.
  • that the company and its employees minimise their impact on the environment, if necessary by changing their working practices.
  • that the company always analyses and considers environmental aspects before initiating new production processes.
  • that the company regularly checks its energy consumption and investigates the cause of any increase.
  • that the company’s employees are aware of and comply with its Environment Objectives– and that they feel a sense of responsibility for its continuous improvement.
  • that the company’s suppliers and subcontractors focus on the same principles and standards.

Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Objectives:

Naturally, Avanti Wind Systems will ensure that all legal requirements on occupational health and safety are met by the company at the very least. Our personnel are the company’s most important resource, and their safety and health are of paramount importance.

Avanti Wind Systems fulfils all the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Standard OHSAS 18001:2008.

The Avanti Wind Systems Occupational Health and Safety Objectives use a system of constant inspections, checks and improvements to ensure:

  • that the company provides a healthy, safe working environment for all its personnel.
  • that the company ensures that all forms of occupational injuries and illnesses are investigated immediately, and that possible improvements or changes are implemented throughout the company.
  • the company will work together with its employees to identify work-related incidents in which employee health is at risk, and to implement changes in work procedures where required.
  • that the company’s employees can freely discuss occupational health and safety issues at their place of work.
  • that the company will encourage and support its employees to contribute suggestions which can improve occupational health and safety in the workplace through training and information.
  • that the company’s employees are familiar with, take responsibility for and comply with the company’s Occupational Health and Safety Objectives.
  • that the company’s suppliers and subcontractors focus on the same principles and standards.

The AVANTI WIND SYSTEMS Anti Bribery Policy:

It is the policy of Avanti Wind Systems (AWS) to comply with all applicable anti-bribery laws including all applicable local laws where AWS operates, and to accurately reflect all transactions on AWS books and records. It is also AWS policy to require all partners who work on AWS’s behalf before Government Officials or other persons or companies to comply with these same laws and practices. AWS top management assesses and evaluates the bribery risk continuously.


  • The offering, the giving, the solicitation or the acceptance of any bribe, whether cash or other inducement, to or from any person or company, where ever they are situated and whether they are a public official or body or private person or company
  • by any individual employee, agent or other person or body acting on AWS’s behalf.
  • in order to gain any commercial, contractual or regulatory advantage for AWS in a way which is unethical
  • or in order to gain any personal advantage, pecuniary or otherwise, for the individual or anyone connected with the individual
  • or to attempt to give or accept a bribe
  • or to create the impression that a bribe has been offered, authorized or given.