AVE Metal Recovery GmbH

AVE Metal Recovery GmbH

We are an environmental technology service company specialized in processing and recycling residue materials as a service for our clients around the world. On-site just where the material is accumulated or continuously produced. We recover virtually any remaining metals down to the smallest metal particles from the residue. Through the processing procedure we are refining and upgrading the residue material to such an elevated homogenous quality level, that it has all physical properties to be used for a broad range of building and construction purposes. We offer All-Inclusive solutions beginning with material evaluation, project planning, logistics, material processing and metal recovery all the line down to the commercialization of the screened material and the recovered metals. Or in short: We turn your trash to treasure. All we need is the operation spot, suitable material in sufficient quantities and first of all: Clients recognizing this opportunity to realize additional profit!

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Business Type:
Service provider
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Metal Recycling
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

To get all those valuable ferrous and especially non-ferrous metals out of your residue material we are using a combination of various screening and sorting devices. These require certain material properties to be able to do their job.

With this Checklist you can find out if your residue material is technically suitable to be processed:

  • material is not radioactive
  • material is not contaminated by external hazardous liquids
  • material is pourable: A material is regarded as pourable, if the grain or fragment size's do not exceed 30cm Ø in average and the material has no excessively high humidity constraining it's pourability.

Just because a residue is suitable to be processed it does not mean it makes sense. We need certain material quantities which in turn mainly depend on the share of metal particles in the residue.

So here we give you some typical branch references and application examples for our trash 2 treasure service where we surely will reach a WIN-WIN situation:

  • Incineration Bottom Ash from Waste 2 Energy plants
  • Slag from steel mills, aluminium mills etc.
  • residues from foundries and semi-finished product fabricators
  • pourable soil type waste from metal shredding activities

Any material that fulfills the technical requirements, containing metals or metal particles is worth to be processed from 20.000 ton material volume upwards.