Avista Technologies, Inc.

Avista Technologies, Inc.

Avista Technologies is a speciality chemical company with a singular focus of providing products and services for water treatment membrane separation systems and associated pretreatment equipment. Our goal is to help customers operate their membrane systems as efficiently and cost effectively as possible through the effective application of specialty chemicals. These include RoQuest coagulants and flocculants, ANSI/NSF Standard 60 certified Vitec antiscalants, RoCide biocides, and RO membrane cleaners.The Avista team relies on fully equipped laboratories to perform a variety of troubleshooting and technical support services including membrane autopsies, foulant studies, coagulant recommendation studies and cleaning trials. They continually expand the product line to address the unique challenges of diverse applications and challenging feedwaters.

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140 Bosstick Boulevard , San Marcos , 92069 California, USA
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Service provider
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Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Avista Technologies specializes in water treatment chemicals and expert process support for membrane separation systems including reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration. We also provide global support for membrane system diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Avista Technologies is devoted exclusively to the supply of specialty chemicals and technical support services for the membrane separation industry, specifically reverse osmosis and nanofiltration. Our products and services are designed to prevent, reduce, or treat the fouling that occurs within these systems.

Our membrane compatible coagulants, antiscalants, biocides and cleaners are combined with a wide array of technical support services to prevent, troubleshoot, and solve problems related to membrane system performance.

Avista is a recognized leader in the water treatment industry. This distinction is a direct result of the time and effort we devote to on-going research and development, improving existing formulations and developing new ones. If your solution is not in our warehouse, it’s in our laboratory!

Creative Chemistry.

Smart Solutions.
Our tagline reflects the synergy of Avista products and services; the duality of being both a trusted supplier and full-service resource for expert application support.

At Avista, we take a thorough and systematic approach to determine how specific chemistry can maximize productivity in new systems or improve the performance and extend membrane life in existing systems. That focused approach never ignores the fact that customers need and demand the most cost effective solution so that is always our goal too.

Innovation. Applied.
In a commodity world, we set ourselves apart through our theory of “Innovation. Applied.”
Anyone can have an innovative idea that sounds good or seems impressive but when innovation is applied by that person or organization big things happen. The team approach of combining research chemists and site engineers working together takes mere innovations and turns them into practical effective business solutions for you. Our unparalleled understanding of all aspects of membrane system design and operation allow us to focus our ingenuity on key industry concerns and leads to the development of useful new tools.

We demonstrate Innovation. Applied through:

  • Scientific proof that our chemistry outperforms.
  • Unmatched troubleshooting tools and application support.
  • A positive operational and economic impact.

As the world’s population and demand for quality water grows, the need for membrane-based water and wastewater treatment systems has become a significant trend. Advanced technology is needed to comply with strict water quality and discharge regulations as well as the rising need for water reuse. Our responsibility at Avista is to lead the application of innovative solutions that help to make quality water more accessible.


Our mission at Avista Technologies is to provide practical, innovative and high-quality performance solutions to providers and end users of membrane applications.

Our entrepreneurial style puts customers first, maintaining close relationships through trust and accountability. We are fully committed to providing leadership, not only in our industry but also within our communities, following our core values:

  • Be hard working.
  • Be passionate and determined.
  • Create positive and amicable connections.
  • Build open and honest relationships through communication.
  • Drive innovation and pursue growth.
  • Deliver unmatched service at the highest standard of excellence.


Industry-wide, people who interact with Avista will experience:

  • Direct access to corporate and field support at any time
  • Quality solutions that offer efficiency and performance
  • Expert technical support in membrane applications for reverse osmosis
  • Customized solutions that are specific to our customers’ needs and that focus on minimizing their operating costs
  • A strong, long term partnership that is welcoming, professional, respectful, and honest.
  • A focus on local and global concerns

Avista Technologies has corporate offices in both the United States and the United Kingdom with distributors and regional offices in more than thirty countries. Our global network means that wherever you do business, Avista is there and ready to assist. Whether your membrane system is in development or fully operational, Avista products and services can ensure that your system operates effectively, at peak performance and in compliance with local regulations.

The following organizations have evaluated and certified various Avista® formulations:

  • Danish North Sea (REG)
  • Dow/FilmTec
  • Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI)
  • Embotelladoras Arca
  • FEWA (UAE Federal E&W)
  • Grupo Embotelladoras Unidas
  • Hydranautics
  • Kosher
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)
  • Norwegian Registration
  • SEWA (Sharjah Electricity and Water)
  • Toray
  • UK North Sea (CEFAS)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL)