AW Dynamometer, Inc.

AW Dynamometer is in its’ sixth decade of manufacturing high quality - heavy duty dynamometers. With over 13,000 units sold worldwide, AW is known as the industry leader in AG/PTO Dynamometers. AW also manufactures high horsepower and torque dynamometers for diesel and gas engines, electric motors, truck chassis and the oil and gas industries. AW Dynamometers are field tested and proven. An example is our 800 Horsepower Nebraska Series which is the world leader in the agricultural field. It has been in service for over 10 years without one single warranty claim. Such a track record is a testament to the commitment of AW and its employees to produce nothing but the best. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. The major AG OEMs have selected our dynamometers to be in their training schools and service centers.

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1001 W. North Street , Pontiac , IL 61764 USA

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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AW has made a commitment to a modern state of the art computer data acquisition system with related software.  Our DAQ System is based on a real time dedicated processor and our software is Labview based.  Our AG Software Package (ETS) is the best in the industry and features a library of all major OEM’s engine and PTO specifications.  Our industrial software package (TS) features wide channels of data acquisition and profile testing capabilities.

AW has invested in itself.  We proudly have a new factory with a CNC precision machine shop and state of the art testing labs.  AW does not rely on outsiders to manufacture our parts.  We control our quality by producing and assembling our own parts.

AW knows that quality is one half of the equation.  The other half is service.  AW is dedicated to being your partner.  We are providing customers replacement parts and service on dynamometers that have been in service over 40 years.    When you buy an AW, our techs will provide you with the necessary amount of training and support to make you operational.  Thereafter, AW offers in the field service plans for maintaining the quality and accuracy of your dynamometer.  AW is committed to quality, service, and you – the customer.