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  • Customization Services

    If an off-the-shelf course doesn't exist for your topic, or does not address your needs, we'd be glad to discuss developing a course together with you, or customizing an existing course for your needs.

  • Custom Courseware Development Services

    Custom Courseware Development Services

    Some organizations have precise training needs. Aware's technology-based learning solutions can augment traditional training sessions and complement off-the-shelf products. Customizing courseware to your situation is a cost-effective way of ensuring that materials are more suited to your specific needs, and address the specific learning and training needs of your organization.

  • Development Process	Services

    Development Process Services

    If you are interested in using Aware's Custom Training Services to develop custom CBT products, you will become a partner in a well-managed process that ensures quality, delivery and outcome expectations are met.  When developing Courseware, Aware applies the same development standards using our signature products as a foundation: Rapid Courseware Development Tools and the Aware Learning Manager (ALM). We can prepare a custom computer-based...

  • Standard Library - Current Versions

    Standard Library - Current Versions

    Our standard courses have been designed to comply with legislation across Canada, and are updated to reflect changes to legislation & applicable standards where they exist. Check your software to make sure you have the most current versions, and contact us if you need upgrades.

  • Licensing


    Aware's licensing is based on  a classroom or 'per seat' model.  In short, you must purchase licenses for the total number of employees that need training in each course. Unlike other CBT or online training providers, Aware does not charge for each time a learner goes through the course.  Once a client has purchased the necessary license for an...

  • Upgrading Versions

    Upgrading Versions

    The current version of the Aware Learning Manager is version 3.3.3. All clients of version 3.x with current Support & Maintenance Agreements are able to upgrade to the most current version for FREE. Clients with 2.x versions can choose two options for upgrading their ALM version: Purchase a Support & Maintenance Agreement, with a re-instatement fee which makes the support retro-active to expiry of the Support & Maintenance contract.

  • Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    We stand behind our products.  Aware Learning provides free technical support for all clients for the first 90 days after purchase, and to all clients with active maintenance and support contracts.