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  • Aware Learning Manager (ALM) Software

    Aware Learning Manager (ALM) Software

    Aware Learning Manager(ALM) is the foundation from which Aware computer-based training programs operate. It is our default Learning Management System and Student Management system. ALM enables administrators to easily manage and monitor courses and learners using a number of helpful tools. ALM is provided with every Aware Courseware product purchase.

  • Exam Generator Software

    Exam Generator Software

    Now, you have the opportunity to build your own exams with site-specific questions and answers. The Exam Generator was developed for administrators. It uses the same exam model found in Aware Courseware and it is run by the Aware Learning Manager, which means it has the same administrative, database management, and tracking functions found in Aware Courseware. Exam Generator is sold with the Aware Learning Manager. Exam Generator can be used an...

  • Licensing Software

    Licensing Software

    Aware's licensing is based on  a classroom or 'per seat' model.  In short, you must purchase licenses for the total number of employees that need training in each course. Unlike other CBT or online training providers, Aware does not charge for each time a learner goes through the course.  Once a client has purchased the necessary license for an employee, the employee can go through the course as many times as needed or...