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  • Computer Based Training for Health & Safety

    Computer Based Training for Health & Safety

    Aware Learning Technologies does one thing only:  we build computer-based training for health & safety.  Aware integrates courseware content and simple to implement technology to create interactive learning solutions that educate and train individuals, effectively helping them to learn new information, processes and procedures.

  • Whmis Awareness Courses

    Whmis Awareness Courses

    Increase your employees' safety awareness using this straightforward yet comprehensive computer-based training program from Aware Learning Technologies. WHMIS Awareness provides key information about WHMIS legislation and regulations, controlled products, hazard symbols, workplace hazard identification, the labelling system, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), training requirements and responsibilities.

  • TDG Clear Language Courses

    TDG Clear Language Courses

    Help your employees gain a comprehensive understanding of TDG Clear Language legislation using Aware's interactive computer-based training program. This course is designed for employees who ship, handle or receive dangerous goods, providing them with a clear, concise explanation of the legislation and how is applies to the workplace. TDG Clear Language addresses legislation, training, safe and approved packaging, the classification system, safety and...

  • Safety Awareness Courses

    Safety Awareness Courses

    Whether an individual works in an office or at an industrial site, safety at the workplace is critical. Foster safe work habits and responsible attitudes among your employees by providing them with a better understanding of safety. Safety Awareness, an introductory training course created by Aware Learning Technologies, provides learners with the knowledge needed to recognize, assess and control workplace hazards. It also encourages a positive...

  • Lift Truck Safety Courses

    Lift Truck Safety Courses

    A thorough understanding of lift truck operation reduces hazards and ensures a safer, more productive workplace. Program created by Aware Learning Technologies, provides an introduction to the theory relating to safe lift truck operation. It should be completed prior to attempting a practical driving test.

  • RSI Awareness Courses

    RSI Awareness Courses

    Repetitive strain injuries are becoming increasingly common in today's workplace, whether the working environment is an office or a construction site. Individuals performing the same task each day are particulary susceptible to these injuries, which cause extreme pain, reduce productivity and increase disability claims.

  • Lockout & Isolation Training

    Lockout & Isolation Training

    Ensure the appropriate forms are used when an employee performs a lockout/isolation. Lockout/isolation procedures, a computer-based training program created by Aware, explains lockout/isolation procedures, sources of energy, electrical lockout/isolation procedures and forms required. This is one of a series of safe work courses. Other courses in the safe work series are Safe Work Permits, Confined Space Entry and Gas Testing. All courses meet industry...

  • Safe Work Permits Courses

    Safe Work Permits Courses

    Correctly using safe work permits is essential to ensuring safety at the workplace. Safe Work Permits  clearly explains established procedures for obtaining and using permits. Safe Work Permits addresses permit limitations, conditions, preparations, precautions, warnings, supporting documents, forms, cycles, piping, hot work, trained fire watch as well as roles and responsibilities of the permit issuer and receiver.

  • Confined Space Entry Course

    Confined Space Entry Course

    Train confined space entry personnel to use appropriate forms and permits with Aware's computer-based training program. Confined Space Entry provides comprehensive instruction regarding the steps followed when performing a confined space entry; roles and responsibilities of the permit issuer, entrant and safety attendant; forms and permits. Confined Space Entry is one in a series of safe work courses. Other courses in the Safe Work series are Safe...

  • Gas Testing Course

    Gas Testing Course

    Ensure employees responsible for gas testing use the appropriate permits by providing them with Aware's computer-based training program. Gas Testing explains gas testing procedures, the permits required, roles and responsibilities of employees involved and factors that affect gas tester performance. Gas Testing is one in a series of Safe work courses. Other courses in the Safe Work series are Safe Work Permits, Confined Space Entry and...